Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps

EVP vacuum pump manufacturers provide maintenance and refurbishment of vacuum pump systems. We have a team of certified professional technicians who can carry out overall renovation, repair or replacement analysis of vacuum pumps.

When the vacuum pump breaks down, we know that every minute the station stops will cost you money. In most cases, we can deliver the reconstituted vacuum pump to your location in hours or days at a fraction of the cost of the new system. Why wait a few weeks? We have all kinds of renovated vacuum pumps, so we are ready to reduce the downtime of your equipment.

Remanufactured vacuum pumps benefits :

1. Always have goods

2. Replace new pump system with low cost

3. Delivery time is shorter than ordering new products

Remanufactured vacuum pumps are second-hand equipment, refurbished by trained technicians using state-of-the-art tools and equipment, with a full year of parts and labor warranty. Remanufactured vacuum pump products provide a cost-effective and carbon friendly way to solve your vacuum equipment needs.

The refurbished vacuum pump is attached with all accessories required for direct installation of the product. Typical installation accessories include electrical connector, inlet and outlet O-rings and complete installation and use instructions.

Our renovated vacuum pumps can be used in aerospace, research and development, extraction / plant, instrument, government and national defense, coating, freeze-drying, refrigeration, bulb / CRT, medical / dental, semiconductor, special gas, industrial helium leak detection, laboratory, solar energy industry, etc.

The remanufactured vacuum pumps is the economic choice to meet your vacuum pump demand under today’s economic conditions. Refurbished vacuum pumps offer value and quality at a lower price than new pumps. Our renovated vacuum pump has undergone strict decontamination and reconstruction process to ensure that you can obtain reliable vacuum pump.


Remanufactured Vacuum Pumps

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