Vacuum system in glass transportation

Glass has been widely used in modern times and has always been a product with large market demand. By using specific treatment methods, we can not only make full use of the characteristics of glass, but also make up for its defects, which are no longer subject to the natural properties of glass. What should we pay attention to in the process of packaging and transportation of glass, and what are the advantages of using vacuum system to transport glass? The focus of this paper is to analyze the application of vacuum system in glass transportation, as well as some of its characteristics and advantages. Let’s look at it together with Xiaobian.

Vacuum system in glass transportation

What should we pay attention to in packaging and transportation of glass?

1. Glass must be kept in a dry room with a roof, and rainproof facilities should be provided during transportation, loading and unloading.
2. When glass is stored, transported, loaded and unloaded, the lid of the box is upward, and the box must not be laid flat or obliquely.
3. When glass is transported, the length direction of the box should be parallel to the forward direction of transportation, and measures should be taken to prevent dumping and sliding.
4. When glass is shelved, measures should be taken to prevent damage to the surface and edge of the glass. In general, the glass should be shelved on the cushion wood.
5. When the shelved glass is subjected to face-to-face wind pressure or wind blowing, it may collapse. Measures should be taken to prevent the glass from being blown down by wind according to the actual situation.
What’s the advantage of using German vacuum system to move glass?
1. Fast operation speed
Vacuum energy is stored in a vacuum accumulator, which can be transmitted to the sucker in one second and absorbed instantaneously. Within two seconds, the vacuum in the sucker can be returned to a atmospheric pressure and released instantaneously.
2. Safe adsorption, no damage to material surface
Vacuum system mainly relies on the vacuum source to produce vacuum in the air inside the suction cup. Generally, the material of the suction cup is silica gel, natural rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, etc. It can complete the non-damage handling or feeding of sheet metal, glass and other materials.
3. Safety of use
The vacuum of the hanger usually comes from the accumulator. In case the vacuum pump is powered off, the energy reserve can hold the load for several hours.
Vacuum is controllable. Sensors can show the system in case of leakage and load release. As long as the suction cup has a proper vacuum load, it will not fall. It’s just a physical law.
4. Saving time, effort and cost
The use of vacuum systems can reduce the number of employees in storage areas. Absorption and release can be accomplished by only one person. In any case, it is possible and necessary to reduce the number of workers engaged in hard and dangerous work.
Because the vacuum device is moved very fast, the cost savings exist in the speed. Vacuum handling systems do not leave any traces on products, so they can handle materials that need to be handled carefully.
5. Easy to operate
Because the operation of the vacuum system is above, it is easier to grasp, put down and release. This is also one of the main advantages of using a vacuum system to carry things.
After starting the vacuum system, the whole operation process can be fully automatic controlled. In the work, the vacuum degree (i.e. the average distribution of vacuum thinning degree) in the vacuum system always fluctuates up and down in its allowable range, and its fluctuation range can be adjusted according to user’s requirements. Using screw vacuum pump, Roots vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump vacuum system can achieve the best process.
When the first vacuum pump fails to reach the required vacuum after starting, the second vacuum pump starts to reach the set vacuum value. When the required set value is reached, the first vacuum pump stops and the second vacuum pump stops circulating. The vacuum system of our company can automatically control the system without operation, and automatically close the vacuum system when power failure occurs. At the same time, the control box can protect the vacuum pump motor from overload and short circuit.
The above content is the effect of vacuum system in glass transportation, but before transportation, the packaging of glass is also very important. After all, glass is a fragile product. If you want to ensure the integrity of glass products to the destination, you must do a good job of protection. The protective measures for large glass products are different from those for small glass products. For this part of the content, you can consult EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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