Roots blower for aquaculture

Roots blower in aquaculture is also known as Roots aerator and micro-porous aeration aerator. The products supply oxygen to fish and shrimp by submerged aeration, which solves the disadvantages of traditional aerator such as large vibration, high noise and uneven aeration.
SSR series Roots blower is a new type of product developed by our company on the basis of the advanced technical characteristics of various types of Roots blowers at home and abroad. The research and development of the products use advanced CAD aided design and advanced processing technology to ensure the performance of the fan, and have been widely used in the fields of national economy: sewage treatment, flour, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying, power, petrochemical, cement and other industries. SSR series products have a wide range of air volume, close classification, high boost, nearly 20 models and hundreds of specifications.

Roots blower for aquaculture
Technical Indicators:
Blower flow rate: 0.6m3/h ~ 90m3/h;
Boost pressure: 9.8 kPa to 78.4 kpa,
Motor power: 0.55 kW ~ 250kw.
The product features are as follows:
(1) The product adopts three-blade linear impeller, with smooth inlet and exhaust pulsation and low noise.
(2) The product adopts special curve to make meshing more reasonable. It is a new energy-saving product with small leakage, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
Products adopt a variety of new structural design, making the whole machine compact structure, small size, light weight, beautiful and generous appearance. The product adopts high precision hard tooth surface synchronous gear with long service life and low noise. The output air is clean and does not contain any oil dust.
Main uses:
Roots blower is widely used in aquaculture industry, especially in industrialized aquaculture. It can increase oxygen in the living environment of fish and shrimp aquatic products through bottom aeration to promote their growth and reproduction.
(1) Require gradual and slow adjustment, with load until rated load, not allowed to adjust to rated load once.
(2) The so-called rated load refers to the static pressure difference between the intake and exhaust ports, according to the calibrated pressure value on the nameplate. When the exhaust pressure is normal, attention should be paid to the change of the intake pressure in order to avoid overloading.
(3)In the normal work of the fan, it is strictly forbidden to completely close the intake and exhaust valves. Regular observation of pressure should be paid to whether the relief valve acts to exhaust when overload occurs. Otherwise, the relief valve should be adjusted in time to prevent overload operation.
(4) Because of the characteristics of Roots blower, it is not allowed to return the exhaust gas directly to the air inlet of blower for a long time (changing the temperature of the lubricant inlet), otherwise the safety of the machine will be affected. If reflux regulation is needed, cooling measures must be adopted.
(5) Always pay attention to the location of oil quantity, check regularly and record well to ensure oil quantity. The Roots blower can be maintained by automatically injecting lubricating oil.
Parking blower should not stop suddenly at full load. It must be unloaded step by step before parking, so as not to damage the machine. As for the principle of emergency parking, users can draw up separate rules.

The safe operation and service life of blowers depend on correct and regular maintenance, roots blowers for breeding, and attention should be paid to any accident seedlings.

Business scope

Roots blower business scope
Eight Regulations on Roots Fan Selection I. Incorrect Calculation of Fan Pipe Network Resistance
The pressure loss of the actual ventilation and dust removal pipeline and the roots blower used in aquaculture will be different from the calculation results for some reasons, which is inevitable. Therefore, the calculation allowable error in the design code is 10%-15%. Any neglect of this necessary program calculation will have a significant impact on the performance of the fan, and must be given great attention.
Reasons for inaccurate rating of resistance calculation of ventilator pipe network are: inaccurate calculation of resistance of pipe network and inaccurate adoption of resistance coefficient; unreasonable allocation of effective radius of system; unreal determination of air intake condition of fan; lack of proper criteria for optional selection; influence of site design changes during construction of construction supervision nurses, etc. It will cause the error between calculation result and actual loss to exceed 30% or even more, which will lead to the mismatch between the rated performance of the selected type and the actual operation performance, and the actual operation performance will change as a result. If the calculated resistance is too large than the actual requirement, the flow of centrifugal fan increases, and the power consumption will increase significantly. As a result, the internal efficiency of the whole pressure will be reduced, and the rated power of the motor will be easily overloaded. Roots blower for farming is in danger of burning the motor, but it will have less influence on the flow change of the straight inclined full pressure curve, otherwise it will inevitably lead to the decrease of the running flow. As the flow rate decreases, the flow velocity in the air duct of the dust removal system decreases, which promotes dust deposition.


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