Roots Blower for Coal Washing Machine

The compressed air discharged by the Roots blower causes the water flow to pulsate, and at the same time, the proper discharging mechanism can separate the medium coal and the clean coal from the raw coal.

Roots Blower for Coal Washing Machine

The safe operation and service life of the blower depends on correct and frequent maintenance and care, and attention should be paid to any accidents. In addition to the general maintenance procedures, the following points should be paid attention to.

1. Check the tightness of each part and whether the positioning pins are loose.

2. There is no oil leakage inside the blower body.

3. There should be no fouling, rusting or peeling inside the blower body.

4. Pay attention to whether the lubrication and heat dissipation are normal, to the quality of the lubricating oil, always listen for noise in the operation of the blower, pay attention to whether the unit is operating under non-compliant working conditions, and to regular grease.

5. The overload of the blower is sometimes not displayed immediately, so pay attention to the increasing trend of inlet and exhaust pressure, bearing temperature and motor current to judge whether the machine is operating normally.

6. Before disassembling the machine, measure the matching dimensions of the machine, make a record, and mark the parts to ensure that the original matching requirements are maintained after assembly.

7. The oil tank of the new machine or the overhauled Roots blower should be cleaned and put into operation according to the steps of use. It is recommended to replace all the lubricating oil after 8 hours of operation.

8. Maintenance and overhaul should be based on the specific conditions of use to formulate a reasonable maintenance system, carried out on time, and keep records, it is recommended to overhaul once a year, and replace the bearings and related wearing parts.

9. It is recommended that the blower overhaul should be performed by our company or professional maintenance personnel.

Our customer, one of coal washing machine manufacturers, based on actual experience, share the technical points and steps in the operation and use of the coal washing machine:

Roots Blower

1. Start sequence
First turn on the water pump. When the water flows out from the outlet of the washing equipment, turn on the front classification belt, dewatering screen, and lifting bucket (1, 2, 3). Then open the air valve, and then open the fan, (fine coal screen), and feeding belt conveyor.
2.Shutdown sequence
Stop the feeding belt conveyor, (fine coal screen), and then stop the water pump, Roots blower, and air valve. Under normal circumstances, stop when there is no material in the lifting bucket, dewatering grading screen, and belt conveyor to avoid accidents when restarting. .
Each oil hole of the air valve is filled with grease once every shift, and the head of the hoist and the vibration motor are filled with grease once a month. For each reducer and fan, the first oil change time is one month, the second time, once every three months; after that, the oil is changed every six months. When filling oil, pay attention to the display of the oil level and the oil window to avoid adding more and less.
Depending on the type of coal, each gate should increase or decrease the number of discharges. If the gangue content exceeds 20%, there is no material in the lifting bucket. The principle is to discharge less frequently. The head of the lifter is equipped with a safety pin, which will not be disconnected under normal circumstances. If the lifting capacity is exceeded, it may be discharged. disconnect. After reinstalling the safety pin, try the machine again to check whether there is jamming. If there is, it should be eliminated before production.
Adjust the various coal slurry valves (air valves) and stop valves (water valves) according to the coal type and the amount of materials. The normal sequence is to open the first air valve and water valve from the feed port, and then decrease in order.

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