Roots blower for electroplating bath

Roots blower for electroplating tank stirring of characteristics:

Roots blower this is a simple structure, easy to manufacture, suitable for all kinds of low-voltage equipment. It keeps the two rotors engaged through synchronous gears at the end of the shaft of the compressor. Here are the main features of this device.

The characteristics of roots blower used for electroplating tank agitation are that when the pressure is adjusted within the allowed range, the flow rate changes very little, the pressure selection range is wide, and the forced gas transmission. Transport medium without oil. The utility model has simple structure, convenient maintenance, long service life and small vibration of the whole machine.

Roots blower for electroplating bath

The pulsation of air velocity and pressure caused by periodic pumping and instantaneous isostatic compression produces more aerodynamic noise. In addition, the gap between rotor and rotor and cylinder of roots blower of electroplating bath agitator leads to gas leakage, which leads to a decrease in efficiency.

In the plating bath with roots blower during normal operation, check the bearing temperature every 1 to 2 hours, tank lubricants, motor, etc. The temperature should not be higher than the specified value. Roots blower used for stirring electroplating bath has a great noise during operation. In addition to installing a muffler to reduce noise, you can also use some simple methods (such as hiding methods) to reduce noise.

Use a lube blower lubricant or copper wire with an aperture less than 50 microns and replace the bath lubricant every three to six months. After the first startup, the working time is up to 200 hours. The oil must be changed. In addition, the muffler must be repaired every six months to replace some or all of the sound-absorbing material. Always check air filters, inlet and outlet valves, and bypass pipes in good condition.

Reasons for excessive current of Roots blower used for electroplating tank agitation:
1. The outlet of Roots blower used for electroplating tank stirring is not smooth. If the wind cannot come out, the pressure will increase and the motor load will increase, leading to excessive current.
2. Roots blower for electroplating tank stirring is short of lubricant, which requires no regular maintenance. In case of oil shortage, it will run for a long time, increasing friction force and motor load.
3. The roots blower used for electroplating tank stirring has its own problems. The bad clearance of accessories will cause extra friction and lead to excessive current.
4. Some parts are damaged.

Roots blower lubricating oil for electroplating tank stirring of usage:
1. Check the lubricant for oxidation and deterioration. If it oxidizes and deteriorates, it can be distinguished. At this point, the lubricant becomes black or darker and a hard film forms on the surface.
2. Check if the lubricant is mixed with too many hardcore magazines. To test, gently lubricate a small amount of lubricant with your finger and then judge according to the feeling.
3. Different types of lubricating oil cannot be mixed with new oil or old oil, so it is necessary to completely remove waste oil and fill with new oil when replacing the lubricating oil.
4. Lubricating oil filling should be appropriate. Too little filling will result in insufficient lubrication. Overfilling, excessive lubricant agitation, rapid temperature rise and oil separation, decomposition and leakage.

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