Roots blower in gasification precipitation cement slag remover

Since it was put into the market, more than 500 sets of gasification precipitation type slag remover have been used in the cement production line. The slag remover has the characteristics of high slag removal efficiency, clean site, convenient installation and large treatment capacity. It has good removal effect on magnetic and non-magnetic metal and non-metallic granular materials.

Slag removal principle and structure

Different from the traditional magnetic separation type and screening type slag remover, the gasification precipitation type slag remover uses the different specific gravity of the powder and slag after gasification to deposit the particles with larger specific gravity to achieve the purpose of slag removal. The slag remover has two kinds of structures, which are used for chute and chute respectively.

The chute is of slag remover structure, which is installed between two chute sections. One chute can be removed due to the installation of slag remover. The slag remover is made according to the size of the removed chute. During installation, cut off the vent cloth of the chute to make it flush with the flange plate, and then clamp it with a cloth pressing flat iron of the same width as the chute. One of the bottom pieces is welded with the chute, and the other one is pressed with bolts. The exposed part of the cloth is flushed with electric iron or fire iron to make it flush with the flange. Then, a sun shaped pad is installed between the chute flange and the slag remover flange. After the chute flange is fastened with the deslagging flange, the material on the chute breathable cloth enters the slag removal area through the transition part of the slag remover. The air at the bottom of the chute also enters into the transition part of the slag remover, and then is connected with the transition part at the other end through the outer pipe of the slag remover, so that the air in the chute in front of the slag remover is connected to ensure the smooth flow of materials in front of the slag removal area.

Roots blower in gasification precipitation cement slag remover

The slag removal area is divided into two independent boxes. The bottom of each box is equipped with an inflation box with breathable cloth. The inflation box is divided into two areas, which are supplied by two pipes with manual butterfly valve. The two gas supply pipelines are connected to the air outlet of Roots blower by a main pipe. The two independent slag removal boxes are controlled by the turnover plate adjustment switch controlled by the manual reducer outside the slag remover shell. The open area is used for slag removal, while the other area can be used for slag removal. During the slag removal operation, the butterfly valve on the gas supply pipeline in this area should be closed.

The principle of trough slag remover is the same as that of chute slag remover, but the structure is slightly different. The separation flap is installed above the feed inlet of the chute slag remover, and the sealing flap is installed at the discharge port to realize that the dust in the slag removal area does not affect the slag removal in another area.

According to the practical experience, the slag remover installed in the chute or chute has good effect, while the one installed under the screw conveyor or chain conveyor has poor effect. After the analysis, it is considered that there should be a gasification separation process before the material passes through the slag remover, otherwise the time of passing through the slag remover is short, and the gasification separation process can not be completed well, which will lead to the poor use effect of the slag remover.

The slag remover should have independent air source, and the gas supply pressure is between 14.7 ~ 24.5kpa, roots blower is a better choice. Although the pressure of air compressor is higher than 400 kPa, the air compressor can not provide high pressure. In order to avoid sharing roots blower with other equipment, it is not easy to ensure that the equipment is used at the same time, and the air supply pressure is unstable, which will affect the normal use of slag remover and linkage equipment.

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