Roots blower main specifications

Roots blower has reasonable structure, high pressure rise, high efficiency, large air volume, low noise, stable operation, excellent performance, long service life, simple maintenance and other characteristics, so it is widely used in many industries. The main specifications and models of Roots blower are introduced below.

Roots blower main specifications :

Fan diameter: 40 — 350 mm

Air volume: 0.44 – 165.9 m3 / min

Pressure: 0.1 – 1.0 kgf / cm2

Motor power: above 0.55 – 355KW

Standard accessories:

1. Universal base

2. Belt cover

3. Fan pulley, motor pulley and V-belt

4. Suction muffler (with air filter)

5. Safety valve

6. Pressure gauge

7. Lubricating oil

8. Anchor bolt

Roots blower structure

(1) Each type of Roots blower has performance table and standard specification, so it is easy to choose roots blower model.

(2) The main body of Roots blower is standardized, including accessories. Have a perfect mass production system, can meet your requirements at any time.

(3) Because of the good spiral structure and the muffler with silent air filter matched with the fan, the running sound of the fan is much lower than that in the past.

(4) The rotor is a precision product after comprehensive processing. The complete dynamic balance has been achieved in the process of manufacturing, and there is almost no vibration.

(5) Adopt small design, small installation area

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