Roots vacuum pump used in the ranch

Roots vacuum pump is used in pasture to improve efficiency

Before, the domestic farm using water ring vacuum pumps and rotary vane vacuum pump. Rotary vane vacuum pump prices are cheap and easy to install, but with high noise, the disadvantage of high oil consumption. Water ring vacuum pump of the downside is that it consumes a lot of power, low noise and high efficiency. In order to solve this problem, gradually improve the pasture is recommended to use the roots vacuum pump. So, what is the effect of roots vacuum pump to pasture? Let’s look at it.

Roots vacuum pump used in the ranch

Roots vacuum pump is an important part of milking machine, so the choice of proper roots vacuum pump and its working stability are directly related to milk yield, milk quality, milking rate and milking efficiency.

As the world’s urban population grows, ranches face not only increased demand for milk and dairy products, but also for higher milk quality, animal health and higher production standards. Understand ranch challenges and provide comprehensive solutions for successful farm operations.

The milking machine consists of a milking machine and a vacuum device. The sucking effect of cattle (sheep) was simulated by the suction effect of vacuum device, and the milk was sucked out.

Roots vacuum pump can operate stably for 24 hours, with strong pumping capacity, high efficiency and no pollution. Suitable for large milking equipment, low maintenance, high reliability, no oil lubrication and sealing, relatively reasonable price. If the vacuum pump is not correctly selected, the whole milking equipment will be paralyzed if a failure occurs, which will affect the milking of the pasture, resulting in serious economic losses. It can be seen that the choice of roots vacuum pump is very important for milking equipment and pasture.

Roots vacuum pump

As roots vacuum pump is very important in the field, so the vacuum pump manufacturer has taken some precautions against Roots vacuum pump, I hope you will remember.

1. Close the gas ballast valve of the pump before oil sealing mechanism (operation is like the gas ballast valve in the middle and front oil sealing machine of gasoline ballast).

2. Close the intake valve of Roots vacuum pump.

3, first stop roots vacuum pump, then stop the front stage vacuum pump. Do not make mistakes in the shutdown program.

4, at the same time the stop of the front stage pump immediately increase the inlet of the front stage pump.

5. Close the cooling water inlet valve.

6. If you need to stop using for a long time, or to prevent freeze cracking in winter, please turn on the water and cut off the remaining water in the cooling water jacket at the fixed end.

Roots vacuum pumps
How to maintain roots vacuum pump correctly?

1. Maintenance work shall be carried out every 500 hours

A. The belt tensioning must be checked, not exceeding 6 mm, and the vacuum pump and motor belts calibrated on the horizontal line.

B. Check whether the oil level of the vacuum pump gearbox is in the middle of the viewing mirror.

C. Apply high temperature grease to the bearing end of Roots vacuum pump.

2. Maintenance work shall be carried out every 1000 hours

A. Perform 500 hours of maintenance work.

B. Clean roots vacuum pump pump head, preferably before milking, using the heat generated by the operation of the vacuum pump to remove water vapor, 4 L water is needed for cleaning, alkaline or acidic cleaning agent needs 32 mL, rinse immediately after washing, generally two times of alkali cleaning followed by an acid cleaning.

C. Test the suction capacity of the vacuum pump (at a vacuum of 50 kPa) and the back pressure of the vacuum pump (not exceeding 5 kPa).

3. Maintenance work required for every 4000 hours of operation

A. Perform 500 hours and 1000 hours of maintenance work.

B. Replace the lubricating oil in the pump head gear box and readd the lubricating oil to the center of the liquid mirror.

C. Check the condition of the belt, replace the belt if necessary, tighten the belt, press and stretch the belt not exceeding 6mm.

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