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Vacuum pump is the basic equipment used to extract the gas in a specific sealed container, so that the container can obtain a certain degree of vacuum. Our main products are water ring vacuum pump and compressor, reciprocating vacuum pump: rotary vane vacuum pump; Roots water ring vacuum machine; Roots vane vacuum unit; and other vacuum pump equipment. It can also design and manufacture high-quality vacuum application equipment according to the needs of users.

EVP high quality vacuum pump products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, sugar making, mineral processing, paper making, printing and dyeing, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, ceramics, textile, drying, refrigeration, brick machine, plastic machine and other industries.

2BE1 Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

2BE1 Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

High quality vacuum pump is not only a fixed asset product, but also a vulnerable consumable product. As far as the existing vacuum pumps are concerned, there is an annual demand of 60,000 to 80,000 units nationwide and 5 to 600,000 units worldwide. Because the performance, application range and suitable conditions of the special vacuum pump are much better than those of the existing vacuum pump, the demand of the special vacuum pump will be larger than that of the existing vacuum pump. Moreover, the special vacuum pump is the transformation of the product structure of the traditional vacuum pump industry, the improvement of product performance and quality, and the updating of the existing vacuum pump products. It has the advantages of energy saving, water saving and environmental protection. It is in line with the development situation of new products and industrial structure in the world today.

EVP is a professional manufacturer of high quality vacuum pumps and vacuum application equipment. Our company has a long history of production, rich manufacturing experience, strong technical force, excellent production equipment and perfect testing means. We have established and improved a set of scientific and strict management system and perfect quality assurance system. Our products sell well all over the country. Be trusted and praised by users.

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