Roots vacuum pump using in vacuum process

What is vacuum process?

Vacuum is one of the most widely used vacuum technology, which is to remove air or gas from sealed vessels. There are many kinds of applications.

The so-called evacuation, in most industrial applications of ambient air, is generally understood as the evacuation of gases in physical space. Evacuation often occurs when the presence of ambient air or oxygen interferes with manufacturing or testing processes.

Depending on the application, the requirements for vacuum are different, ranging from the low vacuum required by the central vacuum system to the high vacuum required for semiconductor wafer coating.

Container evacuation technology is widely applied. Correspondingly, the products of such vacuum pumps are also various. The key factors to be considered when selecting a vacuum acquisition facility include the exhaust volume and the required vessel final pressure. Basically all of our vacuum pumps can meet these requirements.

Which vacuum solutions of vacuum pumps are especially suitable for evacuation process?

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump

Roots vacuum pumps can be used in many different evacuation processes because they are reliable and durable and perform best.

The claw vacuum pump has no oil and no contact operation and basically needs no maintenance. This energy saving vacuum pump is used for low vacuum pumping technology.

The screw vacuum pump is especially suitable for removing corrosive or explosive gases. The vacuum pump adopts the oil-free screw technology, which can achieve high vacuum.

If it is a high vacuum pumping process, it is recommended to use a vacuum pump system composed of rotary vane vacuum pump or oil-free claw vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump. Other vacuum pump combinations suitable for high vacuum pumping include turbo molecular vacuum pumps and diffusion vacuum pumps.

Common application examples of vacuum technology in the pumping process:

1.Vacuum packaging — evacuation of packaging cavity

2.Vacuum system for vessels — vacuum vessel for long term vacuum

3.Heat treatment – vacuum furnace evacuation

4.Surface coating — evacuating the coating chamber

5.Mold exhaust – casting quality optimization

6.Space simulation — air pumping in space simulation room

7.Transport room — wafer production

8.Process room — mainly used for semiconductor production

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