Rotary piston vacuum pump for our evaporative metallizer

Vacuum coating machine vacuum aluminum paper, also known as spray aluminum paper, aluminum paper, evaporation paper. The vacuum aluminized paper of the vacuum coating equipment is formed by heating the lead wire to about 1400 ℃ by resistance, high frequency or electron beam in the high real air above 1.33 × 102 PA, and then adhering to the paper base. The production process of vacuum aluminized paper can be divided into direct evaporation and transfer evaporation. The direct method (also known as paper aluminizing) is to coat the paper surface in advance to improve the flatness and brightness of the paper surface, and then place the paper directly in the vacuum aluminizing machine for aluminizing. This method is only suitable for thin paper (40g-120g) to spray aluminum. Common methods include copper plate paper, white plate paper and paper jam.

Production process of aluminized film:
Unwinding of base material → vacuumizing → heating evaporation boat → feeding aluminum wire → evaporation plating → cooling → thickness measurement → flattening → rewinding

Rotary piston vacuum pump of details

Rotary piston vacuum pump for our evaporative metallizer

How does rotary piston vacuum pump work? There are many classifications of vacuum pump, usually we have screw vacuum pump, oil-free vacuum pump, and one of the classifications we mainly introduce today is rotary piston vacuum pump. Today, it is a detailed introduction to the working principle of rotary piston vacuum pump. The working principle of rotary piston vacuum pump and the structure and use of rotary piston vacuum pump are No, let’s take a look at the specific information now.

When the reciprocating piston moves to the right in the cylinder during the operation of the rotary piston vacuum pump, the pressure in the left chamber of the piston in the cylinder of the rotary piston vacuum pump is normally lower than the atmospheric pressure PA, the suction valve is opened, and the external air is drawn into the cylinder. The working process of the rotary piston vacuum pump is called the piston process. When the pressure in the cylinder is higher than the pressure P in the output air pipe, the exhaust valve opens. Compressed air is sent to the gas pipeline, and the process of rotating piston vacuum pump is also called exhaust process. The reciprocating motion of the piston is formed by the crank slider mechanism driven by the motor. The rotary motion of the crank is converted into sliding reciprocating motion of the piston.

Then these are the basic working process of rotary piston vacuum pump. These are only a simple introduction, and there is a more detailed introduction below.

What is the working process of the rotary piston vacuum pump according to the structure? There is always residual volume at the end of the exhaust process. In the next suction, the compressed air in the remaining volume will cause expansion, which can also reduce the amount of air inhaled, reduce the efficiency and effectively increase the compression work. In addition, due to the existence of residual volume, when the compression ratio increases, the temperature rises sharply. So when the output pressure is high, it should adopt the step compression. The staged compression can reduce the exhaust temperature, which can save the compression work, improve the volumetric efficiency and increase the exhaust volume of the compressed gas.

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