Rotary plunger vacuum pumps

Rotary plunger vacuum pumps has the advantages of high rated pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow regulation, which is widely used in high pressure, large flow and flow regulation occasions, such as hydraulic press, engineering machinery and ships.

Rotary plunger vacuum pumps working principle

Rotary plunger vacuum pumps belongs to volume pump, its plunger is driven by eccentric rotation of pump shaft, reciprocating movement, its suction and discharge valves are check valves. When the plug is pulled out, the pressure in the chamber decreases, and the outlet valve is closed. When the plug is lower than the inlet pressure, the inlet valve opens and the liquid enters. When the plunger is pushed in, the chamber pressure increases, and the inlet valve closes. When the plug is higher than the outlet pressure, the outlet valve opens and the liquid is discharged. When the transmission shaft drives the cylinder block to rotate, the swashplate pulls out or pushes the plunger from the cylinder block to complete the oil suction and drainage process. The oil in the working chamber composed of the plunger and the cylinder hole is respectively communicated with the oil suction and discharge cavities of the pump through the oil distribution plate. The variable mechanism is used to change the inclination of the swashplate. The displacement of the pump can be changed by adjusting the inclination of the swashplate.

Rotary plunger vacuum pumps structure

Rotary plunger vacuum pumps is divided into axial piston pump and radial piston pump. Radial piston pump is a new type of high-efficiency pump with high technology content. With the continuous acceleration, radial piston pump will inevitably become an important part of the application field of piston pump.


Rotary plunger vacuum pumps repair method :

1. Surface treatment: repair welding, degreasing and sand blasting for workpieces to be treated.

① Repair welding: repair welding is required for the parts with excessive erosion and insufficient adhesive strength.

② Degreasing and dehumidification treatment: remove the grease on the surface of the workpiece, wipe the surface of the workpiece with cotton yarn, and the cotton yarn shall be free of oil and water stains. Adjust the flame to 10cm in length with oxyacetylene, and bake the workpiece surface repeatedly and evenly at a speed of 5cm / min to remove the grease and moisture on the workpiece surface.

③ Sand blasting and derusting: remove the oxide layer on the surface of the workpiece, conduct visual inspection, and see the uniform metal color on the sand blasting surface. It is not allowed to use greasy gloves to directly contact the sandblasted surface of the sandblasted workpiece. Pay attention to moisture-proof after sandblasting.

2. Production: prepare the mold and tools, preheat the workpiece and the adhesive, mix and stir in strict accordance with the adhesive ratio, put the adhesive after mixing in the material tray to apply the glue to the preheated workpiece, and keep the mixed adhesive in the material tray for no more than 3 minutes, so as to ensure the full adhesion of the adhesive to the workpiece. After the completion of construction, the defects detected shall be repaired in time.

3. Heating and curing: the workpieces after construction shall stay for 30 minutes for heating and curing.

4. Grinding: the workpiece after heating and curing shall be grinded in strict accordance with the size of the workpiece, and the sealing matching surface shall be qualified.

5. Painting: after passing the inspection, the workpiece shall be painted. The painting surface shall be uniform without sagging.

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