Rotary Vacuum Pump in Coal Chemical

In order to improve the coordination ability and efficiency of equipment, our company’s rotary vane vacuum pump and its configuration are gradually serialized and integrated to better meet the needs of coal industry safety production, which is also the direction of future development of vacuum pump products. With the development of coal industry technology, the design of rotary vane vacuum pump for various applications in this field has been improved day by day. It has made important contributions to the safety, energy saving and environmental protection of coal industry. Our company emphasizes the advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump in coal chemical process in design and manufacture.

Typical coking plants generally have coal preparation workshop, coking workshop, recovery workshop, tar processing workshop, benzene processing workshop, desulfurization workshop and wastewater treatment workshop. Coalbed methane can be used as raw materials for many chemical products such as ammonia, methanol or formaldehyde. Rotary vane vacuum pump is an indispensable equipment to solve process problems in vacuum, pressurized reaction, synthetic distillation and other processes.

Rotary Vacuum Pump in Coal Chemical

Rotary vane vacuum pump in coal chemical process what are the advantages?

Configuration is safe and reliable: a gas separator specially designed for the water ring pump and a Vacuum-Compressor unit composed of related instruments ensure that the gas pumped is leak-free. Because water or other liquids are used as working fluids, the heat of compression can be taken away and isothermal compression process can be connected. It is especially suitable for the extraction and pressing of flammable and explosive gases.

It has its own explosion-proof characteristics: in order to meet the needs of coal industry safety production and serve the coal industry more professionally, the design of rotary vane vacuum pump has its own characteristics of extinguishing fire seedlings, so the use of rotary vane vacuum pump as gas drainage and transmission, eliminating explosion-proof devices and other facilities, this advantage is very obvious, mainly reflected in: 1. facility reduction; 2. water saving; 3. reduced supervision; Control points; 4. Complete explosion-proof characteristics. The one-way vacuum valve with patent technology is placed between the suction port and the system of the vacuum pump.

When there is abnormal shutdown, the system and the path of the vacuum pump can be completely automatically switched, which has the function of backwater and temper prevention.
The structure principle of rotary vane vacuum pump is that the pump itself has anti-return oil valve, air ballast valve (optional), outlet filter, return oil circuit and oil cooling circuit. The pump is driven by a direct flange motor. The eccentric rotor installed in the pump body has three blades, which divide the pump into three compartments. The volume of each compartment varies periodically with the rotation of the rotor.

When the rotor rotates, the volume of the intake part of the suction chamber expands, and the gas is inhaled from the intake port. The gas passes through the air filter and the open anti-return oil valve enters the cavity pump. When the rotor rotates further, the blade separates the pump chamber from the suction port. The volume of the pump chamber is reduced and the gas is compressed. When the gas is slightly higher than atmospheric pressure, it is discharged from the pump chamber through the exhaust valve.

Oil plays the role of sealing, lubricating and cooling in the injection pump chamber. The oil entrained by the compressed gas is preliminarily captured in the tank due to its reversal. Then it is filtered thoroughly in the export oil mist separator. As a result, the oil content in the exhaust decreases to below the visible level.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are widely used in all fields of vacuum engineering, including industrial production and research and development, and can be used to produce rough and medium vacuum environment. It can not only be used alone, but also as the front pump of other high vacuum pumps or ultra-high vacuum pumps, or the front pump or pre-pump of ultra-high vacuum pumps.

The personalized characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump used in coal chemical process are obvious. In view of the requirements of mine gas exceeding limit and safe production of coal and gas outburst, the development and production of marine gas drainage pump can effectively solve the above problems.

The main characteristics of the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in coal chemical process are as follows:

1. Small size and flexible movement;

2. Perfect protection measures;

3. Suitable for the special requirements of underground coal mines;

4. Gas containing a large amount of water vapor and small solid particles can be pumped out, and the drainage capacity is stronger.

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