Rotary vane vacuum pump for aluminized film

Rotary plate vacuum pump in aluminum plating film of application

In recent years, the production of aluminized film has been improved with the development of technology. Aluminum plating film in developing countries or developed countries to develop quickly, in addition to the market demand for packaging materials, another important reason is in aluminum plating film due to the use of rotary vacuum pump, its product quality will be better, variety. In order to obtain high quality products and good economic benefits, the key is the manufacturer’s strict requirements on raw materials, good equipment performance, more advanced and reasonable technology. Therefore, many manufacturers will choose rotary vacuum pump to assist. This paper mainly introduces the application of rotary plate vacuum pump in aluminum plating film.

Rotary vane vacuum pump for aluminized film

What are the advantages of rotary vacuum pump? Mainly reflected in:

1, super strong ability to remove water vapor.

2, the export oil mist filter is standard configuration, vacuum pump oil circulation, no smoke, clean, environmental protection, fuel saving.

3. It can work continuously under the condition that the inlet pressure is atmospheric pressure.

4. Maintain high pumping speed under low pressure.

5. Built-in automatic oil return valve.

6. Economical and convenient

7, low noise, low vibration.

8, compact structure, small size, save space.

9, can be used with a variety of accessories, so can meet the needs of a variety of different applications.

Production process of aluminized film: base material unwinding → vacuum extraction → heating evaporator → aluminum wire feeding → evaporation → cooling → thickness measurement → flattening → winding. Aluminum plating film is a bright metal color film formed by vacuum aluminum plating process, which vaporizes high-purity aluminum wire into gas at high temperature (1100~1200). After the plastic film passes through vacuum evaporation chamber, gaseous aluminum molecules precipitate on the surface of the plastic film. In this process, the equipment used is the rotary vacuum pump, its application field is very wide, deeply loved by all walks of life.

The function of vacuum aluminum plating film surface is shading, prevent ultraviolet irradiation, extend the shelf life of the contents, and improve the brightness of the film, from a certain extent, instead of the aluminum foil, also has a low price, beautiful and good barrier properties, therefore, aluminum plating film and they are widely used in the composite packaging is mainly used in biscuit dry, puffed food packaging and on some medicine and cosmetics packaging.

What are the characteristics of rotary plate vacuum pump in aluminum plating?

1. Greatly reduced the amount of aluminum used, saved energy and materials, reduced the cost, and the production speed could be as high as 450m/min.

2. It has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, few pinholes and cracks, no kneading and cracking phenomenon, so the barrier of gas, steam, smell, light and so on is improved.

3. With excellent metallic luster, the light reflectivity can reach 97%; And can form chromatic film through coating processing, its decorate effect is aluminium foil place is less than.

4. Partial aluminum plating can be made by shielding type to obtain any pattern or transparent window, so that the contents can be seen.

5. Aluminum plating layer has good conductivity and can eliminate electrostatic effect; Its sealing performance is good, especially when packaging powder products, will not pollute the sealing part, to ensure the sealing performance of the package.

6. Good adaptability to printing, compound and other post-processing.

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