Rotary vane vacuum pump for cheese processing

Cheese processing belongs to the field of food processing. Cheese is one of the traditional foods, commonly known as milk tofu. It can be made from fresh milk or yogurt. Traditional methods of producing cheese are classified as hard or soft according to the water content, but no modern packaging technology is used to produce convenient cheese or fast food cheese, as well as a fresh, convenient small package cheese. There is also a lack of modern vacuum technology to produce a good freshness and convenience of new cheese, and to provide customers with rotary vacuum pump in cheese processing application solutions.

Rotary vane vacuum pump for cheese processing

Cheese is casein in milk concretion, is a kind of high protein, high nutritional value of traditional food. Yoghurt made from yoghurt also has the effect of regulating gastrointestinal function. In the hand-made yogurt produced by each family, due to the different varieties and styles, it is very important to improve the production capacity and meet the hygiene requirements of certain quality standards. Take Keqi Pastoral District in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia as an example. Pasturage produced by pastoralists has a different taste, and they can go mouldy and spoiled without any attention. They can’t be kept for a long time. Of course, wax is also preserved in foreign countries.

The application of rotary vacuum pump in cheese processing aims to produce fresh, long shelf life and convenient cheese processing method with cheese or yogurt as raw material.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps are used in a variety of demanding applications such as packaging, wood processing, rubber, plastics, electronics, paper and printing, material processing and other industrial applications. In addition, the rotary vane vacuum pump is a vacuum pump with a speed of 20 to 365 cubic meters per hour, so you can find a product that meets your specific needs. If you have a high demand for vacuum pumps, we suggest using rotary vane vacuum pumps.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

The cheese industry started out as a seasonal industry, with many dairy farms turning the remaining milk into cheese in the summer. The cheese manufacturing process consists mainly of curdling, cutting and heating to form curds, which are then pressed, fermented and removed using rotary vacuum pumps. The whole process is a microbial transformation process. In the process, the bacteria produce enzymes that give the cheese its attractive aroma and form its unique tissues.

The production of fresh cheese has the following advantages :(1) a wide variety of raw materials; (2) Simple and feasible methods; (3) Good finished product, rich flavor, rich aroma, rich nutrition; (4) Various varieties and artworks (5) Chewable, easy to eat, long shelf life, easy to transport and store; (6) Clean and hygienic, suitable for people who like dairy products of all levels; (7) Yogurt products have the function of regulating gastrointestinal function (8) Enhanced lecithin cheese and caffeine cheese is suitable for reducing blood fat and athletes, strong manual workers, and has a special nutritional role. Therefore, sous-vide cheese is a promising new food.

Rotary vane vacuum pumps

The new cheese produced by imported rotary vane vacuum pump has good color, good taste, natural flavor, easy to eat and long shelf life. It is simpler and easier to use than traditional drying or drying methods. The finished product is convenient for transportation, sales and sanitation. It’s very popular with people. Processed cheese by the method used in the process of preparation of the art model, make products to be added the artistic features and charm attracted people consumption. Therefore, it has higher commodity value.

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