Vacuum system in soy sauce production

Vacuum system in soy sauce production of practical application

Soy sauce is rich in nutrition. Like vinegar, soy sauce is an important condiment in People’s Daily life. Due to the low production capacity of soy sauce (the production capacity of high salt dilute state process), it is not possible to produce high quality soy sauce. Therefore, the soy sauce industry must be greatly developed, so that the annual production of soy sauce will be doubled. In addition, the export of soy sauce to earn foreign exchange is also the inevitable importance of development, soy sauce production mechanization and automation is very important. The reform of equipment in domestic brewing plants is one of the directions of technical transformation in the brewing industry. This paper intends to briefly elaborate the practical application of vacuum system in soy sauce production, hoping to be helpful to manufacturers who want to produce high-quality soy sauce.

In order to greatly increase the yield of soy sauce, new technology and mechanization of the production process must be adopted. For example: raw material transport, crushing, cooking, cooling, making koji, into the pool, oil, detoxification and sterilization, bottling, packaging and other aspects can achieve mechanization. Vacuum technology can be used in raw material transportation, cooking, cooling and packaging. Soy sauce production workshop has all the necessary conditions for the use of vacuum feeding, vacuum cooling, vacuum packaging. Now, according to the experience, the application of vacuum system in soy sauce production is introduced.

The following vacuum system manufacturers selected the vacuum suction transport this step for simple analysis.

The specific steps of vacuum suction transportation are: start the vacuum pump and make the whole system in the state of rough vacuum. And then you start pouring into the dump pit. The material and air are sucked into the feed pipe by the casing suction nozzle, so that the transported material is evenly dispersed in the air stream and transported in a suspended state in the pipe. The material is separated from the air through the cyclone separator, and the material is discharged from the bottom discharge port and the air cooler. The air continues to rotate up to the air outlet at the top of the cylinder, passes through the pipe and enters the air filter to remove the dust, and finally is pumped out by the vacuum pump.

The application of vacuum technology in soy sauce production is far from perfect. Due to the limitation of the practical operation and maintenance level of the workers, the vacuum systems installed in various breweries are not adjusted to the optimal conditions and sometimes even abandoned. Investigate its reason is the performance that did not master empty system actually, auxiliary equipment is unreasonable wait for reason to cause. Compared with vacuum salt making, the actual application of vacuum technology in soy sauce production is only equal to the level of vacuum salt making technology in China in the 6th century. At that time, the vacuum salt vacuum evaporation system is also dominated by the water jet pump. Over the past 20 years, most of the vacuum salt works in China have abandoned the old water jet pump system and switched to the pulnock vacuum system. The reappearance of this substitution in soy sauce production is also inevitable.

Vacuum system in soy sauce production

Vacuum system in soy sauce production

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