rotary vane vacuum pump in coal industry

rotary vane vacuum pump in coal industry

1. gas extraction
As we all know, the rotary vane vacuum pump is almost isothermal in the whole pumping and exhausting. It is the best equipment to extract flammable and explosive gases such as gas. It is worth noting that if the gas extraction should be equipped with explosion-proof motor.

2. dedusting
Large amount of dust and complex components are the main sources of surface pollution in mining area. Rotary vane vacuum pump is the main pump, equipped with separation, dust removal, protection and other devices to achieve the recovery and utilization of dust in mining areas, also plays a role in purifying air.

3. coal making
In the vacuum filtration process of refined coal, it is generally required to withstand the impact of air flow and water on the air volume rotary vane vacuum pump, which needs to be equipped with a pre-separator to stabilize the pressure and separate the liquid.

4. vacuum pump drying cable
Mine cable in a relatively humid mine for a long time, it is easy to reduce insulation performance. Rotary vane vacuum pump is used as air pumping equipment, low voltage and high current are applied inside the cable, heat is generated inside the cable, and drying is completed under the condition of low oxygen concentration, which effectively prevents the oxidation phenomenon and prolongs the aging process of the cable.

5. production of antistatic equipment
In the process of producing anti-static and flame-retardant conveyor belts and underground clothing, vacuum slurry immersion process is adopted to make anti-static and flame-retardant enter the conveyor belt, replacing the original spraying process, which is more safe and reliable.
With the increasing emphasis on coal mine safety, higher requirements and standards will be put forward for rotary vane vacuum pumps used in coal mines. High efficiency and speed are the main development directions of rotary vane vacuum pumps used in coal mines in the future.

Rotary vane vacuum pump has stable performance, durability, and no oil mist exhaust gas, at the same time, it has perfect maintenance measures.

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