Rotary vane vacuum pump in engine production

The impact of the deposits in the incinerator on the engine is also very serious, but it is not an independent assessment target and is usually used in conjunction with IVD. In contrast to the difference in nozzle and intake valve deposits, the use of cleaning agents only increases sediment in the incinerator chamber, and then reduces the chamber space. Therefore, the incremental scale of incinerator sediment only needs to be controlled once. The vacuum solution of rotary vane vacuum pump applied in incinerator chamber is provided here.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in engine production

The vane vacuum pump is used as the front stage pump to keep the pressure of the vacuum pump lower than its critical pressure. It is related to pumping time and economic effect, so its role is still great. Therefore, what principles should be paid attention to when choosing rotary vane vacuum pump?

The vacuum unit is also inseparable from the front stage pump. If there is no front stage pump, the vacuum unit will not be able to start, because it needs a lot of pressure to start, but the power of the motor can not be up to, otherwise, the vacuum pump will be damaged. Different pumps are used in the environment, and different front-stage pumps need to be configured. The water ring vacuum pump is used for the state with a large amount of condensable gas, and the corrosive gas also needs to use the water ring vacuum pump, which allows water to reduce the concentration of corrosive gas, and the plate vacuum pump is also the front stage pump. In the first category, there are other vacuum pumps, such as reciprocating. The speed of pump you need is different from that of vacuum. The preamplifier pumps used are different.

In the process of heat insulation preparation of incinerator chamber, there is a small opening of Φ 200 mm? Φ 300 mm at one end of the detonator shell, and the other end is elliptical, so the insulation of incinerator cannot be completed by using. Regular patch. The rotary vane vacuum pump is heat insulated. The main reason for the stripping of the insulating layer in the shell of the initiator is the residual gas between the shell and the insulating layer, and between the insulating layer and the insulating layer. The initiator shell with internal insulation components is placed in a vacuum environment, and then a series of technical operations are carried out to make the insulation preform in a vacuum state with a vacuum degree of up to 50 PA, and then the insulation treatment is carried out. It is carried out under the pressure maintaining condition of airbag. The layer is pressed and thermally bonded to the initiator housing. After vacuum insulation curing, the ultrasonic inspection of the initiator shell shows that there is no peeling phenomenon. The thermal insulation of rotary vane vacuum pump has been successfully applied to some types, thus improving the power and quality of the insulation inside the solid rocket launcher.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Solid propellant is ignited and burned in the combustion chamber, and the chemical energy is converted into heat energy to produce high temperature and high pressure combustion products. The combustion product flows through the nozzle, where it expands and accelerates, and the heat energy is converted into kinetic energy. To discharge at high speed from the nozzle to generate thrust. It can be seen from the above that the application of the spin vane vacuum pump in the initiator incinerator has a good effect in eliminating the deposits in the engine nozzle and intake valve.

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