Rotary vane vacuum pump in specific surface area analyzer

The specific surface area analyzer is widely used in the material research of universities and scientific research institutes and the product quality control of powder material production enterprises. Adsorbent, ceramic raw materials, rubber and plastic materials, reinforcing agent, battery materials, metal oxides, magnetic powder materials, nano metal materials, environmental protection industry, inorganic powder materials, nano materials, rare earth and other powder and particle materials will be used in the specific surface area and pore size detection. The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in specific surface area analyzer is recommended.See more apps.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in specific surface area analyzer

Specific surface area analysis of introduction

Specific surface area analysis is in constant temperature, in equilibrium state, under a certain gas pressure, corresponding to a certain amount of gas adsorption on the solid surface, changing the pressure can change the adsorption amount. The curve of equilibrium adsorption capacity changing with pressure is called adsorption isotherm. The study and determination of adsorption isotherm can obtain information about the properties of adsorbent and adsorbate, and calculate the specific surface area and pore size distribution of solid.

System composition of specific surface area analysis
1. Box
2. Vacuum system
3. Inflation system
4. Heating system
5. Detection system
6. Analysis system

Rotary vane vacuum pump in specific surface area analyzer of function
1. Degassing pre vacuumizing, vacuumizing the box to 1-40pa, starting the molecular pump to less than 10 ^ – 4pa, maintaining the vacuum for heating degassing treatment.
2. When the gas is filled with nitrogen and detected to a certain pressure, the position temperature is constant, the gas pressure is changed, the isothermal pressure curve is plotted, and the material adsorption is analyzed.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump in specific surface area analyzer of advantages
1. Ultra quiet operation, the interference frequency is reduced to the minimum.
2. The oil seal with printing gasket has high efficiency.
3. Two working modes, suitable for large displacement and high vacuum applications.
4. Clamping type observation mirror.
5. The pneumatic ballast is easy to operate.
6. The oil box can collect the oil spilled during oil filling.
7. Quick acting intake valve provides protection for the system.
8. High tech polymer spinner, large diameter, oil clean.
9. High torque, dual voltage / dual frequency electronic, electronic start relay.
10. Consistent high quality, cast rod structure.
11. High efficiency and high pressure lubrication.
12. Various accessories are available.

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