Rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum chromizing process

Rotary plate vacuum pump in vacuum chromizing process of practical application

Practical application of rotary plate vacuum pump in vacuum chromizing process. Vacuum chromizing is one of the effective ways to improve the life of parts and save metal elements. Vacuum chromizing: chromium in the vaporization temperature (917) above the vacuum degree 10-2 support to produce greater steam pressure, chromium vapor atoms deposited on the surface of steel and thermal diffusion, thus forming a layer of solid ferrochrome alloy surface, it has high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. What are the advantages of rotary vacuum pump that can be used in vacuum chromizing process?

Rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum chromizing process

Vacuum chromizing process refers to the process of steel workpiece surface locking in vacuum. This process can be carried out in a universal vacuum furnace. Generally, the vacuum chromizing is carried out under the vacuum degree of 0.133pa, and the common temperature is 1100~1150. The holding time depends on the required thickness of the infiltration layer. The penetrant used is: 0.400mm (50 mesh) w (chromite powder) 25% and 0.400~0.071mm (50~200 mesh) w (aluminum oxide powder) 75%, or w (chromite powder) and w (refractory clay powder) 50% respectively as penetrant. If NH4CI of 2% of the total amount is added, it can play the role of promoting infiltration, and obviously shorten the process cycle. There is also the use of granular chromium as a penetrant, particle size 3~5mm.

What is the application of rotary vacuum pump in vacuum chromizing process?

During the operation, the workpiece should be cleaned first. After drying, it should be put into the tank with the oozing agent at the same time. The distance between the workpiece is about 10mm. After the furnace is installed and sealed, the rotary plate vacuum pump is started to vacuum. When the vacuum degree reaches 0.133pa, the heating temperature and seepage path will start. Reached the predetermined insulation time, si insulation source workpiece with the furnace cooling, to 250 out of air cooling. If the temperature is too high, the surface of the workpiece will be oxidized and lose its proper thickness of luster infiltration layer, which is related to the infiltration temperature, holding time and the type of materials being infiltrated. The general rule is that the higher the temperature, the longer the insulation time, the thicker the layer.

Vacuum has a wide range of applications. Besides the practical application of the rotary vane vacuum pump in the vacuum chromizing process, there are many specific applications. Such as vacuum packaging, vacuum manipulator, vacuum storage, agricultural and forestry in the food seeds seeds seeds of vacuum storage, electrical ceramics and civil buildings in the vacuum mud refining, vacuum adsorption, cement asbestos products dehydration, casting production of vacuum negative pressure modeling, vacuum die-casting. About vacuum pump in other areas of application, if the customer is interested, can enter the website for reference.

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