rotary vane vacuum pump operation guide

Rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of rotating vessel, which is widely used in many fields. Many people know the vacuum pump, also know the relevant use skills, but few can achieve the correct shutdown operation, many people tend to ignore the important but inconspicuous operation. The working efficiency of rotary vane vacuum pump is seriously affected. In order to standardize the use of the rotary vane vacuum pump and make everyone pay more attention to it, the following EVP vacuum pump manufacturing will prepare a rotary vane vacuum pump operation guide for you.

Before the installation and use of the rotary vane vacuum pump, it is necessary to carefully read the installation method and operation method of the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump.

As the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a special product, there are many varieties according to the low vacuum pumping speed and the high and low vacuum degree, and there are also very strict requirements for the use environment. Only according to different needs of use, can we choose suitable products for industrial use, can we play the expected role, and give more play to the original level of vacuum pump. Therefore, there are many precautions in the selection of rotary vane vacuum pump. First of all, we need to look at the use environment, such as the gas pumped by the vacuum pump should be away from corrosion, moisture, impurities and other foreign matters. At the same time, in some industrial fields, in order to better use the single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, but for the purpose of increasing production, we will use the vacuum system to increase production, so as to ensure the maximum use of the vacuum pump.


1. Before use, carefully read the product manual, and check the shipping quality after unpacking. Keep the spare parts and technical documents and remove the exhaust protection parts. Install, wire and test turn as required.

2. To prevent oil injection due to oil return and reversal, the pump port shall be opened first, and the oil stored in the pump shall be manually turned into the oil tank according to the regulations. Check the oil level at the same time. It should be above the center of the oil level indicator, but it should not be full of the oil level indicator. If there is too much, it should be discharged.

3. Auxiliary methods for judging steering. Put the sheath upside down on the pump port. If it is sucked after starting the pump, it is positive, blown down and reverse. Normal sound is positive, abnormal sound is reverse.

4. If the pump port is equipped with an air charging solenoid valve, it shall be installed horizontally and act simultaneously with the rotary vane vacuum pump.

5. When the relative humidity is high or the extracted gas contains water vapor and other condensable steam, the gas ballast valve shall be used.

6. The rotary vane vacuum pump oil is recommended according to the instructions. Note that the ester vacuum pump oil cannot be mixed with mineral oil vacuum pump oil and other oil, and can only be changed into ester vacuum pump oil after strict cleaning.

7. Check that the limit pressure of the rotary vane vacuum pump is subject to the compressed mercury vacuum gauge. Full pressure gauge should pay attention to the matching calibration of gauge and gauge and standby comparison gauge. It is recommended to install a ball valve between the gauge and the pump under test. If the valve is closed in case of no measurement, the service time of the gauge can be extended.

8. Cleaning. It is not suitable for immersion, so as to avoid washing liquid entering into the splicing rotor and being difficult to discharge.

9. Disassembly. It shall be carried out in an orderly manner according to the recommendations and regulations of the operation manual, and the location shall be recorded and placed reasonably to avoid wrong installation.

Mastering the above knowledge of the use method of the rotary vane vacuum pump is very helpful to improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life of the rotary vane vacuum pump. Please read it carefully.

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