Screw Vacuum Pump Are In Vogue

2021 screw vacuum pump are in vogue, semiconductor industry is behind the scenes

Thanks to the blowout development of the semiconductor industry, screw vacuum pumps have succeeded in “topping” and have become popular!

After turning from the United States to Japan in the 1970s, and turning to South Korea and China Taiwan in the 1980s, the semiconductor industry is currently undergoing a third shift to mainland China. At present, China has a global-scale and rapidly growing integrated circuit consumer market. Benefiting from the huge consumer market and the strong support of national industrial policies, domestic integrated circuit manufacturing companies have increased their investment in mainland China to expand production capacity.

2021 screw vacuum pump are in vogue, semiconductor industry is behind the scenes

Dry vacuum pump is a necessary general equipment in various semiconductor manufacturing processes. It is used in clean or severe processes such as single crystal pulling, Load-Lock, etching, CVD, atomic layer deposition (ALD), packaging, and testing.

The vacuum system required in the manufacturing process of semiconductor products needs to have the function of extracting corrosive gases, dust particles, toxic gases, etc., so dry screw vacuum pumps are a very good choice.

The key advantages of dry vacuum pumps used in the semiconductor industry are:

1. Eliminates the risk of polluting oil during the process or carrying oil into the exhaust gas treatment system
2. Will not generate waste or pollute valuable solvents, products or the environment
3. It is completely dry and does not pollute the upstream and downstream processes
4. No corrosion will occur in the dry vacuum pump
5. Higher efficiency and less power consumption
6. Inhaled solvents or other useful components can be directly recovered at the outlet of the pump

EVP’s LG series dry screw pumps and FB series molecular pumps are vacuum pumps specially designed for the semiconductor industry.

LG series dry screw pump

LG series dry screw pump
It has the characteristics of low operating power, low noise and fast pumping speed.
·Water-cooled, air-cooled and explosion-proof motors can be selected according to process/environmental requirements
·The air-cooled motor model can be equipped with a self-circulating cooling system and can be used in an environment without a cooling water system

FB series molecular pump

FB series molecular pump
The pumping speed is between 300-3600 liters/sec
·High cost performance and flexible installation method
·High pumping speed is not affected by high load or impurity gas intrusion

The above is a brief introduction of dry pumps and molecular pumps used by EVP in the semiconductor industry. For more information, please contact us.

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