screw vacuum pump in Medicine drying

With the development of pharmaceutical industry, the competition is increasingly fierce, the quality of products and the level of production costs determine the survival of enterprises. In the manufacturing process of drugs and intermediates, the requirements for clean vacuum environment are more and more high, and the cost control is more and more strict, to ensure that there is an energy-saving and environmental protection production process. The dry screw vacuum pump is a new type of green vacuum pump in the 21st century. EVP vacuum pump is characterized by its wide pumping speed range, simple and compact structure, no friction of the original pumping cavity, long service life, low energy consumption and oil pollution. More and more manufacturing and application units pay attention to it.

Dry screw vacuum pump with its unique characteristics will gradually replace the traditional: mechanical enough to directly and continuously exhaust into the atmosphere. Although there are many kinds of dry screw vacuum pumps, the commonly used ones such as claw pump and roots vacuum pump are difficult to increase their pumping speed. However, the dry screw vacuum pump has the following advantages:

1. The dry screw vacuum pump has compact structure, large pumping speed, high vacuum degree and can be directly discharged into the atmosphere. The working parts have long service life without friction, strong self-priming ability and no easily damaged parts, so they have long reliable operation life.

2. The flow of the fluid in the cavity of the dry screw vacuum pump is axial uniform, without vortex and agitation. Four, it has good balance, small vibration, no pressure pulsation and noise, stable operation without unbalanced inertia force, and the machine can run stably and at high speed.

3. There is a small gap between the teeth of the rotor of the dry screw vacuum pump, so it can withstand the impact of fluid, and can pump out a variety of gases including dust, condensable steam, etc. In addition, the working chamber and rotor surface are provided with anti-corrosion coating, which can remove corrosive and harmful gases.

4. There is no medium in the working cavity of the dry screw vacuum pump, which can obtain a clean vacuum. It is more convenient for the pumped gas to be discharged directly from the pump body for recovery, without polluting the water and without environmental protection pressure.

Dry screw vacuum pump can be cleaned separately, which can ensure that the pump is clean, can reduce the failure, and also reduce the number of repairs. Because of the different gases, there will be a lot of dirt formation, to be cleaned in time.

It is because of the superior performance of dry screw vacuum pump, now it is used very much, which brings a lot of convenience for many enterprises.

These advantages ensure the advantages of the dry screw vacuum pump in the second solution decompression concentration of the pharmaceutical production process and the application of the pharmaceutical drying process.

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