screw vacuum pump in metallurgical industry

Screw vacuum pump advantages:

Low power, low noise and fast pumping speed.

Water-cooled, air-cooled and explosion-proof motors can be selected according to process/environmental requirements.

The air-cooled motor can be equipped with self-circulating cooling system and can be used in the environment without cooling water system.

Luzhou pumps can be selected according to different requirements. The maximum pumping rate can reach 3500 m3/h.

It is well known that high vacuum smelting is widely used in metallurgical industry for production or processing, especially in some high-end areas, the requirements for impurity content, oxygen, nitrogen and even hydrogen content of products are extremely strict, so the high standard and high requirements of vacuum system are required.

For example, vacuum distillation (a more advanced vacuum unit consisting of dry screw vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump): in a distillation tank with a vacuum higher than 1.3 pa, the reduction products are heated for a long time at 900-950 degrees. Magnesium and magnesium chloride can be volatilized and condensed on the condenser. Why use the high vacuum of screw vacuum pump? Mainly because of the following points:

dry vacuum pumps

1: It can greatly reduce the boiling point of the reduced product and is more easily volatilized.

2: It can greatly improve the volatilization rate. The volatilization rate of different substances varies greatly under different vacuum conditions.

3: Prevent the production of TI-FE alloys or other compounds and affect the quality of products.

Here there is another problem. Why are ordinary sliding valve vacuum pumps and oil diffusion pumps replaced by dry screw vacuum pumps? Or what are the incomparable advantages of the screw vacuum pumps made up of screw vacuum pumps over those made up of sliding valve vacuum pumps and oil diffusion pumps?

Sliding valve vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump are widely used in domestic units. The process of high vacuum distillation is generally more than 100 hours. And foreign countries, especially the United States, Ukraine, the European Union and other countries have adopted a good screw vacuum pump and Roots vacuum pump vacuum unit form. It not only greatly reduces the distillation time, but also greatly improves the product quality. In addition, it not only has a great relationship with the quality of the product, but also greatly reduces the energy consumption: reducing the distillation time directly reduces the electricity charges. Since there is no water pollution, the cooling water can be recycled. So screw vacuum pump is widely used in metal metallurgy industry.

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