Side channel blower in solder exhaust device

Centralized smoke exhaust
Concentrated extraction of solder applications these high vacuum devices are designed to extract and filter smoke and debris through small bore hoses and accessories. It is very suitable for the extraction of iron head and any application requiring close-up and micro extraction.

Due to the high concentration of debris produced by up to 90 operators, these systems are designed to keep the unit compact, but still use an integrated filtration system. With this in mind, the unit includes a facility to maintain a high concentration of particles in the filter housing.

All systems have built-in silencers with rings, which can facilitate redirection of filtered air or external exhaust if necessary.

The following describes the side channel blower

The side channel fans provide compact, quiet, maintenance free pneumatic conveying of free flowing pellets, powder and regrinding. These side channel blowers are typically shipped entirely assembled on a base, and they are permanently lubricated to provide the best vacuum. The three-phase motor is directly connected to the blower.

These pumps usually provide single-stage or two-stage models. The single stage model is usually used for pipes with a diameter of 1.5 “- 2.5” and provides a working vacuum level of 7-8 “Hg.

The two-stage side channel blower model is used for 1.5 – 3 “diameter pipes, providing 10-11” Hg operating vacuum.

It is important to include a vacuum breaker that allows the pump to run after loading to extend the life of the side channel blower and ensure immediate vacuum requirements.

Cartridge air intake filters are usually used to capture carryover fines.

These pumps are known for their silent operation.

Model MRF-310
Dimensions (HxDxW) 500 x 630 x 430mm 19.7 x 24.9 x 16.9″
Weight 30kg 66lbs
Flow Rate with filters fitted 22-30L/M 22-30L/M
Power Unit Side Channel Blower Side Channel Blower
Voltage 230v 50Hz 115v 60Hz
Noise Level dBA 66 66
Duct Size 50mm 2″
Duct Run 200mtrs 656ft
Filter Efficiency 99.997% 99.997%

Side channel blower – remedial measures for firm ground

Various repair systems with side channel blower.

Soil vapor extraction (SVE)
High vacuum extraction (HVE) of clay soil
Multiphase extraction (MPE)
Air injection
ATEX factory
Biological ventilation
Biological jet
Catalytic oxidation system (cutox)
Air activated carbon
Pumping system
Product recovery system (LNAPL, DNAPL)
Granular activated carbon filter (GAC)
Stripping system
Ion exchange
Oil separator (ows)
Particle filter (sand filter, cartridge filter, etc.)

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