Side channel blowers in medical industry

Side channel blower in medical industry of application

The side channel blower is also suitable for various applications in the medical industry. It is used for bedsore prevention mattresses. Through the penetrating materials, it is possible to prevent the risk of bedsore for a long time when the patient is in bed. The blower is used to deliver air cushions due to air intake in some of its cells and air extraction in others. Selected differences in elevation and reduction of these areas on the skin allow the patient to take the right position and allow faster healing of pressure to the skin.

Side channel blower in medical industry of application

Used in central suction systems to intervene (water, saliva, or blood) when a fluid is sucked out in surgery and dentistry. These blowers feature that they are treated to prevent corrosion.

The side channel blower is used to sterilize the steam delivered to the object at high temperature during the disinfection process. Because it is cold, it absorbs and releases the heat that will eliminate bacteria and bacteria.

It can also be used in anaesthetic gases, and these systems are designed to eliminate exhaled gases and anaesthetic vapors from patients and to evacuate them outside the operating room and recovery room to prevent accumulation. This greatly reduces the risk of exposing runes (surgeons, nurses, etc.) to health in the long run. The advantages are due to the lack of release to fluid contaminants and the absence of release materials that are harmful to health.

Do you know the principle of the side channel blower?

Side channel blowers in medical industry

The side channel blower can produce a machine with high pressure increasing to handle the fluid. The blower is composed of an impeller and one of the peripheral annular channels is housed in the housing. During use, the impeller does not contact with surrounding parts during operation, eliminating all lubrication related problems and wear.

The side channel blower is suitable for different application fields, and is designed to meet various needs of processing air, gas and liquid in pressure and compression. In addition to the standard design blower special configuration for vertical or horizontal coupling and double face mechanical seal; energy-saving fan, explosion-proof fan installation in the potential explosion hazard area.

In addition, all our fans can be anodized with special protection of impregnation, sealing, stainless steel bolts and screws and corrosive gases.

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