Silent oil free vacuum pump

Silent oil-free vacuum pump is one of the common products of oil-free vacuum pump. Because it no longer uses sealing fluid and does not need to add any vacuum oil during operation, it greatly improves the quality of the discharged air. The biggest feature is that the noise generated during operation is very small and does not cause any impact on the environment, so it is called mute

Silent oil-free vacuum pump is composed of stator, rotor, rotor, cylinder, motor and other main parts. The rotor with rotor blades is installed in the fixed cylinder eccentrically. When the rotor rotates at a high speed, the gas enters the filter silencer through the intake pipe to filter, achieving the effect of silence. Four radial sliding rotors in the rotor groove separate the pump cavity into four working rooms. Due to the centrifugal force, the rotor blades cling to the cylinder wall, separating the inlet and outlet of the stator, and running again and again Change the volume, inhale the gas, and discharge it from the exhaust port, so as to achieve the purpose of air extraction.

Silent oil-free vacuum pump features of oil-free vacuum pump:

1. Because there is no oil vapor in the silent oil-free vacuum pump, when it is used, the working environment and processed products will not be polluted by oil, so it is the most ideal vacuum equipment used in the industry with strict requirements for oil-free vapor.

2. Compared with the silent oil-free vacuum pump, which does not need oil lubrication, the regular maintenance can be greatly reduced, so it is not necessary to lack vacuum oil, which brings many inconveniences and troubles to the maintenance.

3. The silent oil-free vacuum pump is directly connected by motor, compact in structure, light in weight, and smaller in appearance than other types of pumps.

4. The silent oil-free vacuum pump uses multi blade high-speed rotation to avoid the pulse fluctuation in the suction and exhaust.

5. Silent oil-free vacuum pump can operate continuously in open atmosphere.


Silent oil-free vacuum pump is widely used in the following work

1. Vacuum suction cup clamp for non-magnetic parts clamp on processing

2. Air tightness test of object surface in vacuum

3. High efficiency vacuum filling of various liquid injection bottles

4. Supporting use of various medical machinery automatic lines

5. Paper vacuum suction on printing machine

6. Label vacuum delivery and pasting of cartons and bottles

7. Photographic plate making under vacuum suction fixation

8. Guide gas analysis by using pressure difference under vacuum

9. Vacuum forming of various plastic products

10. Open bags and load materials by vacuum suction on the automatic packaging line

11. Vacuum distillation and drying in Chinese and Western pharmaceutical plants

12. Application of food processing machinery

13. Leak test of various vessels under vacuum

14. Vacuum suction in hospital operating room

15. Gas analysis, physical and chemical experiments in colleges, research institutes, factories and mines

16. Supporting use of various medical instruments, etc

The silent oil-free vacuum pump has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, no pollution to the environment, good durability, and it is a dual-purpose pump with vacuum collection, compression. It has a very wide range of application of basic vacuum equipment. Because there are different types of oil-free vacuum pumps in the market, such as vane type, piston type, screw type, etc., they have different performance parameters, and they also have different emphasis on the values of limit vacuum degree, relative or absolute pressure, air displacement, air extraction rate, etc. Because some users may only need oil-free clean, and some users also need to strengthen the corrosion-resistant performance, and other vacuum requirements of different details. In other words, in the face of various types of oil-free vacuum pumps in the market, purchase appropriate oil-free vacuum pumps according to the needs of the industry.

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