SSR-65 blower

Roots blower ssr65 model blower selection see here!

Today, I will sort out the parameters of the high-pressure 65 roots blower. For those who have no idea about the type selection, please check the following parameters:

Air volume in cubic meters per minute
63.7 KPa air flow parameters: 1.13, 1.39, 1.60, 1.74, 1.98, 2.18, 2.34, 2.57, 2.96
68.6kPa air flow parameters: 1.10, 1.31, 1.51, 1.70, 1.90, 2.10, 2.25, 2.50, 2.89
73.5KPa air flow parameters: 1.03, 1.28, 1.47, 1.64, 1.86, 2.06, 2.20, 2.47, 2.84
78.4 KPa air flow parameters: 0.98, 1.19, 1.40, 1.57, 1.79, 2.00, 2.15, 2.40, 2.79
83.3 KPa air flow parameters: 0.89, 1.17, 1.41, 1.53, 1.75, 1.92, 2.10, 2.38, 2.70
88.2KPa air flow parameters: 0.88, 1.15, 1.38, 1.48, 1.70, 1.84, 2.08, 2.31, 2.65
93.1 KPA air volume parameters: 0.83, 1.12, 1.35, 1.42, 1.65, 1.75, 2.03, 2.27, 2.60
98.0 KPa air flow parameters: 0.78, 1.08, 1.31, 1.35, 1.60, 1.70, 2.00, 2.24, 2.53

The selection of Roots blower can be made by air volume and pressure parameters. The above model parameters, the roots blower of high pressure series, belong to three-blade type. If you need the parameters of roots blower of low pressure series, you can contact our online customer service, and we will arrange for you.

The static efficiency of roots blower impeller

The static efficiency of roots blower impeller: the blowers static air power divided by the impeller power. Special roots blower for gas, special roots blower for gas, special Roots blower for gas, special roots blower for gas, special three-blade Roots blower for gas, etc. The motor operates at a basic speed and at constant torque. Enough transportation space. To avoid vibration, install it in a vibration-free place. Remove the horizontal oil plug on the upper and lower sides of the gear cover and check whether the oil quality is qualified. The oil level should be close to the lower edge of the screw thread of the oil plug.

If there is no normal phenomenon, the machine will stop checking. Severely damage Russell blower. In the normal operation of the blower, it is strictly prohibited to close the inlet and outlet to make it completely hear the sound of the valve. Overload operation is strictly prohibited. There is a certain gap between the rotor and the inner wall of the pump housing, which can realize high-speed operation. The flow deviation at the circumference of the working wheel outlet is not uniform, resulting in pressure pulsation, which changes with time. The assembly consists of two separate lip seals immersed in oil located in the drive end cover.

SSR-65 blower

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