SSR air blowers for oxygen aquaculture

SSR air blowers is a new type of fan, its performance is better than that of centrifugal fan. In recent years, it has been used in many aquaculture units to increase oxygen in water, such as fish and shrimp breeding, high-density shrimp culture, indoor large-scale aquarium, etc.

The application of vortex theory comes from pump. In the early 1930s, European and American countries took the lead in developing the vortex pump. Because of its special performance, it can not be replaced by other pumps, so it develops rapidly. The blower adopts the principle of vortex water pump. At the end of 1980s, a 2.2 kW medium-sized blower was developed, and the problems of heating and noise were overcome. Since then, 5.5 kW, 7.5 kW, 15 kW and other machines were introduced, which made the blower large-scale. The basic structure of the blower consists of impeller, body and cover. The impeller is a disk with dozens of blades on its outer edge. It forms a concentric flow channel with the fuselage cover. The suction cavity and the press out cavity of the flow passage are separated by a tongue. The clearance between impeller, fuselage and engine cover should not exceed 0.07 ~ 0.10 mm, otherwise the work efficiency will be reduced.

The wind pressure generated by the ssr air blowers is not only caused by centrifugal force, but also by the oxygenation of the compound longitudinal fish pond composed of centrifugal force and lagging airflow. When the impeller rotates, the centrifugal airflow enters the flow passage, and its rotation speed is lower than that of the high-speed rotating impeller, so it flows into the rear blades; the air flow enters and exits from the inlet to the outlet of the flow passage for many times, and each time increases the energy. Therefore, for the two fans with the same diameter and speed, the air pressure of the blower is several times or even more than ten times higher than that of the centrifugal fan. The blower is characterized by high speed, small volume, compact structure, no mechanical noise and vibration in operation, safe and convenient to use and low price. It can be used as the preferred mechanical equipment for improving water environment in aquaculture units.

The ssr air blowers is of universal voltage type: single phase voltage from 110V to 120V, 220V to 240V; three-phase voltage from 380V to 415V, 2800rpm at 50Hz, 3450rpm at 60Hz. Therefore, no matter your products are exported to developed regions in Europe and America, Middle East, Indonesia and other regions with different voltages, the ssr air blowers can meet your requirements without any modification or addition Any settings.

2、 The blades and covers of the blower are made of the most hard materials in the world, which is equivalent to the steel ring of Mercedes Benz and BMW.

3、 The bearing of the blower adopts high speed and high temperature resistant imported bearing. The bearing has low operating temperature, long service life of lubricating grease and maintenance free.

4、 The air inlet and outlet of the blower are equipped with built-in silencing tubes, so the dry sound is very low. In the similar products, the noise ratio is ultra-low.

5、 The pressure of the blower is stable. The application of water treatment and electroplating treatment proves that the stirring is uniform and the rolling height of water wave is consistent.

6、 The blower adopts special Shockproof foot base design, so as to greatly reduce the vibration produced in the operation of the fan.

7、 The blower is economical and energy-saving. Under the same power, pressure and flow rate,

8、 The current of blower is less than that of other brands.

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