Vacuum pump for exhaust compression

Vacuum systems and applications

I. equipment composition:
Liquid ring vacuum pump and compressor, gas-liquid separator, heat exchanger, common chassis, internal pipeline

Vacuum pump for exhaust compression

Ii. Working principle
The extracted gas enters the vacuum pump/compressor from the suction port and enters the gas-liquid separator together with part of the working liquid after being compressed by the vacuum pump/compressor. In the separator, the gas-liquid two phases are separated, the gas is discharged from the exhaust port, and the working liquid is inhaled by the vacuum pump/compressor through the heat exchanger for recycling.

Open circulation: the water discharged by the liquid ring vacuum pump enters the large circulation pool or is directly discharged. This water supply and drainage method is convenient and easy to use, and is widely used in practical applications.

Closed cycle: if the extracted medium contains organic solvents, toxic substances and other water discharge caused great pressure on the environment, the extracted organic solvents are not easy to recover and are wasted, more and more chemical and pharmaceutical enterprises have adopted closed cycle system.

Iii. Application field

Power industry:

The condenser vacuums |, vacuums water, |, flue gas desulfurization, |, fly ash transportation, |, turbine seal tube, exhaust, |, vacuum exhaust, |, exhaust, ground heat, |

Pharmaceutical industry:

Dry | reproduction/reactor dry | distillation | degassing | crystallization/vaporization | addition and/or material transfer |

Packaging industry:

Vacuum packaging and ventilation packaging (MAP) | PET container production |

Mining industry:

Vacuum filter | multi-effect dehydrator | exhaust gas recovery | gas extraction | field gas boost | coal bed gas recovery | methane recovery |

Pulp and paper production:

Black fluid evaporation | coarse slurry machine | lime slurry filter | precipitate filter | vacuum dewaterer | raw material and white water degas system | pulp mixing box compressor/vacuum pump | suction box | v roll | suction roll and transfer roll | vacuum press |0 wool cloth suction box |1 anti-blowing box

Plastics industry:

Extruder degassing | molding platform (profile) | pneumatic conveyor | vinyl chloride gas extraction and compression |

Medical equipment: steam sterilization | central vacuum system |

Environmental protection industry:

Waste water treatment | biogas compression | vacuum water | biogas production | waste water purification/activated sludge tank oxidation | fishpond ventilation | waste gas recovery (biological gas) | biogas recovery (biological gas) | waste disposal |

Shipping industry:

Condenser exhaust | central vacuum add water | turbine seal tube exhaust |

Petrochemical/chemical industry:

Gas recovery | gas recovery | gas boost | enhanced oil recovery | gas collection | crude oil stabilization | crude oil vacuum distillation | exhaust compression | steam recovery/gas boost | filtration/dewaxing | exhaust recovery |0 polyester production |1 PVC production |2 chlorine packaging |3 others

Facility handling:

Waterway anti-corrosion protection | central vacuum cleaning system |

Metallurgical industry:

Steel degassing

Sugar industry:

Preparation of CO2 | filth filter | in evaporator and vacuum sucker application of |

General industry:

Central vacuum treatment system | compressed air regeneration | vacuum cleaning machine | lifting and fixed position | vacuum degassing | vacuum milking | ozone production | brick factory

Food and beverage industry:

Mineral water degassing | salad oil and fat deodorizing | tea and condiments sterilizing | sausage production | ham production | tobacco products humidifying | vacuum evaporator |

Wood processing industry:

Hold with snatch | wood dry | wood preserve | logs impregnated


Vacuum exhaust device

Vacuum pump for exhaust compression


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