Two-stage oil rotary vane pump for hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer

High-pressure steam is still the most efficient sterilization method at present, and vacuum can help steam better penetrate the objects to be sterilized, so that the effect and speed of sterilization and disinfection are greatly improved!

“Pulsating vacuum disinfection cabinet” and “plasma sterilizer”, these two kinds of sterilization equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages. Pulsating vacuum disinfection uses high-pressure steam and vacuum to effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms; however, it is not resistant to some heat-sensitive ones. Wet and high temperature equipment often use hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization. The following is the application program of hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer rotary vane vacuum pump, and the application advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump.

The working principle of the vacuum pump hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer:

Generally, the work of the hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer is divided into three stages, the preparation period (vacuum period); the sterilization period; and the final ventilation period.

The vacuum application of the hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer is mainly used for the pre-vacuum stage before sterilization and the repeated evacuation of the hydrogen peroxide vacuum sublimation during the sterilization process. The ultimate vacuum required for this application process is generally 0.5mbar. According to the provided vacuum parameters, a two-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane pump can be used for matching.

Two-stage oil rotary vane pump for hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer

Two-stage oil-lubricated rotary vane pump of advantages:

The vacuum pump is a small oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, which is easy to use and highly flexible;

It has excellent ultimate vacuum pressure and fast pumping speed;

Strong steam processing capacity and low noise;

Two modes of work, suitable for large displacement and high vacuum.

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