Vacuum pump for biogas recovery

Biogas Recovery (Biogas)

Civil or industrial waste is decomposed in mud or tanks. A liquid ring compressor is used to press the gas into the ejector and then into the tank to provide heat and agitate the slurry to maintain its continuous expansion and to encourage microorganisms to eat the decomposition or slurry. The liquid ring compressor is also used to recover gas and press it into a natural gas engine to drive generators to generate electricity, or to use it as fuel for boilers or furnaces.

As a renewable and low-pollution biomass energy, the value of biogas recovery and utilization has gradually been recognized by industrial enterprises. The application of vacuum pump in biogas recovery is the solution to formulate treatment. Previously, the methane produced by sewage treatment in production enterprises usually used the simple direct combustion exhaust method. Not only did a lot of heat energy not be utilized, but also a lot of sulfur dioxide and other pollutants were produced by combustion, which polluted the environment. Therefore, how to make full use of these methane in enterprises is not only the need to improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, but also the need of energy saving and emission reduction and the development of circular economy. The need for enterprises to realize social responsibility.


What are the advantages of vacuum pumps with biogas recovery units?

The utility model mainly discloses a vacuum pump with a biogas recovery device. The technical scheme of the vacuum pump is to use anaerobic reaction to treat sewage and collect and recover the generated biogas, with high efficiency and low cost. Anaerobic UASB reactor can produce a lot of biogas in the process of removing organic matter from wastewater. Due to the high biodegradability of brewery wastewater, a large number of renewable biomass biogas are produced in the anaerobic treatment process. Combining wastewater treatment and biogas utilization technology, the biogas generated by anaerobic UASB reactor was collected and pretreated, and then the steam generated by the combustion of biogas boiler was reused in beer production, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

Biogas gas recovery can be described as the sewage system of refinery or the gas recovery in production. Because of its composition, this gas is usually considered as an exhaust gas. Owing to the large amount of HC gas (the unburned part of engine exhaust), these gases are usually burned out. In many cases, some of the available high-quality gases are burned, and these gases have some residual BTU values. Once separated, the gas can be recovered and compressed from the vacuum pump into the pipeline compressor. The vacuum pump maximizes the compression of the recovered gas, compresses it and transports it to the gas station. After treatment, it can be used for combined power generation.

The concept of “turning waste into treasure” is applied here, because recycling most of the burned gas is of great economic value and is used as a source of energy and income. Reducing unnecessary burned gases to a minimum is not only beneficial to environmental protection, but also to solving income and opportunity problems.

The multi-purpose vacuum pump we developed for the current market demand has the remarkable characteristics of reliable performance, environmental protection, energy saving and low noise. It is an ideal vacuum acquisition equipment for electronics, hospitals, banknote printing, semiconductors, automobiles, solar energy, food, plastic packaging and other industries.

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