What is roots blower soundproof cover

What is the sound insulation cover of Roots blower? It can also be said that Roots fan sound insulation room, as the name implies, can reduce the noise of Roots fan house, our ordinary fan room can not achieve the effect of reducing fan noise, and Roots fan noise enclosure is an effective sound insulation measures to reduce the noise of high noise equipment, it can effectively block the noise transmission of high noise equipment, reduce the noise The impact of noise on the environment. But sometimes it will bring inconvenience to equipment maintenance, monitoring, pipeline layout and so on, and is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the covered device. Most of the ventilation facilities are needed to cool the air in the hood.

According to different requirements, 1.5-2mm galvanized steel sheet, aluminum plate and other metal materials are used for acoustic enclosure wall. The sound insulation cover adopts modular design, which is convenient for transportation, suitable for field installation and maintenance. It can be installed with perspective door / window, lighting equipment, ventilation and heat exchange system according to different requirements, and can be coated with various appearance colors according to the requirements. The sound insulation cover can generally reduce the sound insulation of 10-30db.

The sound insulation cover of Roots blower can not only reduce the noise of Roots blower, but also reduce the noise of blower, induced draft fan, generator, air compressor, transformer, grinder, ball mill, motor, water pump, woodworking machinery, printing and other equipment. As the control room of high noise workshop, it can reduce the harm of noise to human body. At the same time, it is equipped with ventilation and cooling device, cooling device and inlet and exhaust muffler to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Noise control measures of Roots blower: besides the tuyere noise, attention should also be paid to the body noise and solid sound transmission of vibration according to the site conditions. The noise of the fan increases with the increase of air volume and air pressure. Generally, there are several methods to solve the problem of fan noise

(1) The noise of the casing and motor can be solved by installing sound insulation cover. The fan is placed in an independent sound insulation room of the fan, and the sound absorption and sound insulation treatment are carried out in the fan room.

(2) The muffler is installed outside the fan exhaust port, and the built-in silencing insert can reduce the noise continuously through the special structure. The muffler is an effective measure to reduce the radiation at the inlet and outlet of aerodynamic equipment or to transmit noise along the pipe.

(3) The external louvers on the ground floor should be silenced as much as possible.

(4) Damping spring hanger damper is used for fan suspension.

(5) The whole vibration isolation treatment is carried out for the fan foundation.

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