vacuum pump for printing press

In traditional sheet fed offset press, vacuum pump and overpressure are always needed in the process of paper processing

It is used for separating paper in the paper feeding device, conveying a single paper to a different color aggregate device or guiding the paper through the printing machine. All of these applications require different amounts of air at different pressures.

What kind of vacuum pump should be selected for the printing press?

The paper of the printing machine can be separated, aligned and distributed by arranging. If there are two or three presses, a vacuum system is recommended.

Two or less, with a vacuum pump on the line. The vacuum pump used in the printing machine is generally oil-free, and the most commonly used is: dry screw vacuum pump. Some processes are different, and oil type rotary vane pump is also used. The dry pump has less consumables and is convenient for daily maintenance. For example, the vacuum system can save energy and reduce the maintenance cost of spare parts in the future. And the vacuum system is not put in the workshop, it will not overheat in summer, increase the power of air conditioning, and save resources. It will not make noise in the workshop.


Offset sheet fed presses require both low positive pressure and vacuum. The vacuum is used to feed the paper into the printing machine and keep the paper on the paper roll during the printing cycle, while the light pressure is used to push the printed paper off the paper roll and onto the output end of the printing machine, where the finished products are stacked. A small amount of low-pressure air at the conveying end blows through the whole chimney to compact the chimney. Combined pressure / vacuum dry rotary pump is the preferred pump in printing application. If the CFM requirements exceed the capacity of the combined pump, a separate vacuum pump and low-pressure rotary vane compressor can be selected.

Vacuum and pressure are widely used in post press equipment. For example, the side flow blower is used for folding and cutting machine; the vacuum pressure composite pump and vacuum pump and compressor are used for page matching and book binding machine; and the centrifugal fan is used for removing waste paper, etc.

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