Vacuum pump for the mud mixer

Vacuum putty refining is an important part in special ceramics

Vacuum putty refining is an important part in special ceramics. After vacuum treatment, the plasticity of the clay is improved. After vacuum degassing, the clay has a greater density after kneading, so the product is of low deformation, high strength and good quality. The quality of liquid ring vacuum pump function of vacuum putty mixing machine plays a crucial role in vacuum putty mixing.

Vacuum pump for the mud mixer

Vacuum pump for traditional mud mixer

According to market research, now special ceramic manufacturers traditionally use the slide valve pump, reciprocating pump, rotary disc type oil vacuum pump. Take the slide valve pump as an example. Due to the limitation of product planning, the following deficiencies exist in the application process.

1. Poor environmental protection function

As we all know, the slide valve pump attributed to the oil-sealed rotary mechanical vacuum pump, the need for vacuum oil to seal and smooth, large oil consumption. Take h-150 as an example, the oil injection amount needs 40~50L. After a certain number of years of use of the slide valve pump, oil leakage is inevitable due to the aging of the seal and the wear of mechanical parts, which makes the production site stained with oil. If the smooth function of vacuum oil is not good, the mechanical conflict between eccentric wheel and cylinder body during the operation of slide valve pump will occur the phenomenon of “burning oil”, which is the smoke filled at the operation site and affects the health of workers.

2. There is a risk of contaminated sludge

When the slide valve pump is shut down, if the operation is improper, it may cause the vacuum oil to pour back into the mud refining machine.

3. The cost of protection is high

Slide valve pump attributed to the mechanical vacuum pump, internal conflict parts, wearing parts more, must often fuel smooth, high cost of protection. Once the cylinder block wears away, the repair operation is suitably difficult.

4. Use capital well

The entry of water into vacuum oil is taboo, because water will emulsify the vacuum oil and reduce the oil function. Because the sludge gas contains water, brief pollution of the smooth oil in the slide valve pump, it is necessary to add or replace every day, the use of high cost.

5. Applied power difference

When the temperature is high in summer, water is easy to gasify, brief formation of oil ring vacuum pump vacuum degree is not enough. In order to deal with these problems, some enterprises are specially equipped with vacuum pump air conditioner or heat exhaust fan, which greatly wastes power and adds enterprises’ expenditure.

Reciprocating vacuum pump and slide valve pump, in the use of environmental protection function is poor, high cost of protection, noise and other shortcomings.


The mud mixer is equipped with liquid ring vacuum pump

In view of the shortcomings of the oil vacuum pump, the liquid ring vacuum pump produced by our company has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency, and no oil. It has been used in the ceramic and electric porcelain industry in a reformed way, and has been recognized by more and more users.

1, brief structure, long life

Liquid ring vacuum pump with water as a seal, rely on the rotation of the impeller to make the water centrifugal force, through the impeller and pump body between the volume of the cavity periodic change to squeeze gas, exhaust, impeller and pump body do not touch, no mechanical conflict, long service life.

2, no need to fuel, environmental protection

The liquid ring vacuum pump USES water as the operating fluid, and there is no conflict in the internal parts, no need to add smooth oil and vacuum oil, and then put an end to the oil and gas pollution to the working site and mud, which also allows operators to reduce the amount of work and reduce labor intensity.

The use of liquid vacuum pump is simple, stable operation, small amount of protection, allowing operators to use easy and convenient.

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