Vacuum pump for vacuum conveyors

Vacuum conveyor

Vacuum conveyor has been used in various production environments of high performance, efficient automatic material transport. The vacuum conveyor is fully closed, which can effectively protect the user from the inhalation of potentially harmful ingredients and prevent the material from damage caused by external components.

Vacuum conveyor of working principle

1, vacuum pump through the separation of vacuum conveying equipment vacuum container. The material from the feed port, through the suction hose with suction mouth inhaled.
2. Separate the air and materials in the filter bin of the separation container, and collect the materials in the bin. Cyclone separator prevents fine powder from entering the filter to improve the efficiency of the filter.
3. When the silo is full of materials, the vacuum pump will close automatically and the pressure in the conveying equipment will reach balance. The discharge valve B4 is opened, and the material flows out through the outlet and directly into the storage container C.
4. When discharging, the filter tank is automatically cleaned by the recoil airbag. Its special vibrator can assist the cutting, in order to improve the efficiency of conveying viscous material.
5. The discharging tank is closed, and the whole conveying process starts again.

Now let’s look at the problems of vacuum pump used by vacuum conveyor:

Vacuum pump for vacuum conveyors

Liquid ring vacuum pump of fault diagnosis and treatment of analysis 

Liquid ring machinery in job rotation and reciprocating motion coexist, the machine under working load, the rotation inertia force and reciprocating inertia force a dramatic oscillation effect the machine and foundation, liquid ring vacuum pump in use process often will also present some problems, so is the defect caused by any reason, and way of dealing with the problem, what are the following steps: for everyone

Due to the long operation cycle of liquid ring vacuum pump, severe corrosion of piston (cast aluminum) caused the piston to break. After the replacement of piston (cast steel) and the start of operation for 72 hours, severe oscillation of equipment led to parking maintenance of equipment, resulting in severe wear of crosshead and slide.

The faults of liquid ring machinery can be divided into two types from the state monitoring parameters: one is the abnormal thermodynamic parameters; The other is the abnormal dynamic performance parameters of the machine, that is, the mechanical fault of the equipment. However, the fault of the vacuum pump belongs to the mechanical fault. The causes of the fault are analyzed from the following aspects: after replacing the piston raw materials, the piston’s excessive inertia force causes the equipment to oscillate; According to the equipment start-up operation record, within 72 hours after maintenance, the equipment oscillations are within the scale permitted by the code and the equipment operates normally. Therefore, the change of the inertial force of the piston is not the cause of the equipment oscillation.

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