Vacuum pump for vacuum hot press

Special vacuum pump for vacuum hot press

Liquid ring vacuum pump is the most efficient vacuum pump, which is used in the process of hot press.

2BV liquid ring vacuum pump includes three series of 2BV2, 2BV5 and 2BV6. It can be widely used in many industries such as plastic machinery, electronics, chemical industry, pharmacy, food and so on. With more than 100 years of high standard design and production experience, its excellent performance can fully meet or exceed the requirements of industrial applications. Performance range suction capacity range: 6-500m3 / h ultimate vacuum degree: 33mbara features and technical advantages save space and live up to your high expectations of EVP.

■ pump coaxial direct connection design, easy to install.

■ high reliability

■ easy to maintain

■ mechanical seal as standard

■ 100% oil free design for environmental protection

■ smooth operation, noise as low as 62 DB

■ with self-priming function, easy to operate

■ uniform corrosion resistant design

■ can be used to create a vacuum or pressure

■ the purpose of our design and manufacture is to ensure reliable quality and continuous operation in accordance with ISO9001 standard

■ compact 2BV vacuum pump and compressor

■ suction capacity from 6m3 / h to 500m3 / h

■ low suction pressure to 33mbara

■ with atmospheric ejector, low suction pressure to 10mbara

■ pressure up to 0.26mpaa when used as compressor

Vacuum pump for vacuum hot press

Vacuum pump for vacuum hot press

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