Vacuum pump function and production

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The function of the vacuum pump is to obtain the molecular structure of the vapor in the vacuum chamber, reduce the air pressure in the vacuum pump chamber, and make it exceed the required vacuum value. Usually, the range from air to high vacuum value is very large. So far, no ultrafiltration device can cover this area.

Therefore, it is necessary to select different vacuum pump system settings in order to achieve the requirements of processing technology index value, working efficiency and service life of machinery and equipment for different commodities and different vacuum pump sections. In order to exceed good equipment, the following should be taken into account when selecting ultrafiltration device. You can see the relevant contents of the professional and technical personnel of the vacuum pump manufacturer to facilitate your sorting and detailed introduction:

First, be sure to check the vacuum value required for each process regularly. Because each of these processes often has its own suitable vacuum pump category, so it must be carefully scientific research and clear.

On the basis of confirming the vacuum value needed by the processing technology, check the limit vacuum value of the vacuum pump system software. Because the limit vacuum value of the system software determines the stable working vacuum value of the system software. In general, the limit vacuum pump of system software is 20% lower than that of system software, and 60% lower than that of front pump.

Check and define the type of vacuum pumping and air supply required by the processing technology. Because if the type of underwater concrete vapor and the liquid in the pump reflect, the pump system software will suffer from environmental pollution. Together, it is important to take into account the clear and appropriate exhaust pipe time and the volume of steam generated during the whole process of exhaust pipe.

Check to make sure that the time required for the vacuum pump is exceeded, and the flow friction resistance and leakage of the vacuum pipeline are clear. Fully consider that the required vacuum value can be exceeded and the required pumping speed can be maintained under the necessary processing technology standards. Vacuum pump is used in metallurgical industry, chemical plant, food industry, electronic device crystal plating and other manufacturing industries. Warmly welcome to care about people’s website anytime, anywhere and master other information of vacuum pump manufacturer.

Vacuum pump function and production

Vacuum pump function and production

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