Vacuum pump in hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment device

Vacuum pump in hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment device of practical application

The main purpose of this paper is to provide a kind of tail gas treatment device containing hydrogen chloride: imported vacuum pump, which can make full use of tail gas heat energy and effectively recover hydrochloric acid, and at the same time can make the tail gas after treatment reach the emission standard, and solve the problems in the existing technology. With the rapid development of chlor-alkali, PVC and other industries in China, the purification treatment of hydrogen chloride tail gas in the production process has attracted more and more attention. However, most of the hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment equipment that has been used at present adopts foam tower absorption process, which has the problems of low absorption rate of hydrogen chloride and high consumption of lye in subsequent neutralization and treatment, which not only causes waste of hydrogen chloride, hydrochloric acid and lye, but also causes environmental pollution. Moreover, hydrogen chloride and hydrochloric acid droplets can dissociate with the water on the mucosal surface of the respiratory tract after being inhaled, and have a strong stimulation and corrosion effect on the local mucosa. The practical application of vacuum pump in the tail gas treatment device containing hydrogen chloride can solve the problems mentioned above.

Vacuum pump in hydrogen chloride tail gas treatment device

A hydrochloric acid tail gas absorption equipment, including circulating pump and the vacuum pump and water tank, condenser outlet connection falling film absorber, the falling film absorber outlet connected to one receiving tank filler absorption tower are connected at one end, and described in the receiving tank end export by the circulation pump connecting the falling film absorber, described packing absorption tower export receiving tank are connected at one end, and the other end connected to import vacuum pumps and water tank, described in the receiving tank end export packing absorption tower by the circulation pump connection. It has the characteristics of high absorption rate, environmental protection and economic benefit.

Vacuum pump selection:

Due to the different working conditions in actual production and application, the inhaled gas and pressure will change a lot, so the selection should be based on the actual extraction process, gas release process, condensable gas condensation, time change of inhaled pressure, etc.

Vacuum pump according to the application range can be divided into rotary vacuum, roots vacuum and screw vacuum pump, vacuum pump is a rotating variable capacity, in the application range of vacuum pump plays a crucial role. Imported vacuum pumps are widely used in food processing, manufacturing, aerospace and metallurgy industries.

Vacuum pump application can be divided into the following points:

1, widely used in food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical petroleum, metallurgy and energy industries. Vacuum pump can extract a variety of gases, including acidic gas, flammable and explosive dangerous gas. In the food processing industry, imported vacuum pumps can perform sublimation, drying and dehydration, including vacuum drying, vacuum preservation and vacuum evaporation.

2. Application of automobile manufacturing industry. Vacuum pump through the form of negative pressure, increase the driving force of imported vacuum pump, complete the work of automobile manufacturing industry. The main parameters of vacuum pump include: speed of vacuum pump at different time, vacuum form at different speed and volume of vacuum tank.

3. Application of small vacuum pump.

Hydrogen chloride gas endangers the health of human body, endangers the growth of animals and plants, also damages various equipment, appliance, it is a kind of poisonous and harmful gas. Because of hydrogen chloride is useful industrial resources, this paper mainly introduces the vacuum pump in the practical application examples of hydrochloric acid tail gas treatment device, in order to want to be able to save resources, and effectively handle exhaust, to make exhaust emission standards, adhere to the sustainable development of the national policy, at the same time can save production costs, to the enterprise to create economic for the enterprise.

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