vacuum pump in medical equipment application

For the medical business, for hospital outpatients and medical institutions, it is particularly important to configure a set of reliable machinery and equipment. EVP focuses on the field of vacuum pumps, and the vacuum pump solutions developed have set an example of high efficiency for the medical business.

The main vacuum processes of vacuum pumps in medical machinery include: steam sterilization, inhalation equipment, air mattress, protective clothing, oral treatment instrument, central system ultrafiltration device, etc. The main products of high-tech vacuum pumps include water ring vacuum pumps, Luozi vacuum pumps, screw vacuum pumps, oil-free vacuum pumps, and oil-free piston rod vacuum pumps.

vacuum pump in medical equipment application

As vacuum equipment has wider and wider regulations on its use of gas pressure in the manufacturing and scientific research industries, most of them must be composed of several types of vacuum pumps. Vacuum pump vacuum system software can be considered for manufacturing and scientific research after vacuuming each other. It is stipulated that because the vacuum pump operation unit involves a wide range of pressures, it is impossible for all types of vacuum pumps to completely apply to all pressure ranges. Only according to different pressure ranges and different working standards, the application is different. The same kind of vacuum pump.

Daily knowledge of vacuum pump:

What method is used to solve the high temperature of the vacuum pump?

What is the reason for the high temperature of the vacuum pump, and what method is used to solve it? Then I will introduce it and look forward to helping the use of the vacuum pump.

Analysis of the reasons for the high temperature of the vacuum pump:

1. The motor power is too large, the working current is large, and the thermal power is also large.

2. The fan blades are small, the air volume generated is small, and the heat dissipation is not possible.

3. Due to the low fan speed, the air volume is small and the air volume is small.

4. The bus voltage of the vacuum pump motor is 380V, which conforms to the cable voltage drop and uneven distribution. Therefore, the motor applies a voltage lower than 380V to ensure that the power remains unchanged, the current increases, and the thermal power increases.

5.The motor has dirt such as dust and oil stains attached to it, and the heat dissipation function is reduced.

The vacuum pump cooling method of the vacuum pump manufacturer:

The power and speed of the motor are the same as those of the vacuum pump and cannot be changed. The fan is installed on the motor shaft, and the fan speed is determined according to the motor speed, so it cannot be changed. Increasing the number of fan blades can play a certain role, but if the number of blades is increased, the original dynamic balance will collapse, and a new dynamic balance needs to be found. Finding a new dynamic balance is not easy. Different dynamic balance can cause severe engine vibration. Therefore, the following methods are generally used:

1. The original fan cover is extended by 40cm, and an axial fan with the same diameter as the fan is installed. The motor of the axial fan requires a power of 850w, a speed of 14889r/min, and a voltage of 380v. The original fans are still there. The axial fan is set to another power control. After the vacuum pump is turned on, the axial flow fan works. After the vacuum pump stops, the axial flow fan stops within 30 minutes to fully cool the main motor.

2. Keep the motor clean and hygienic, clean the motor dirt regularly, and improve the heat dissipation capacity.

3. Increase the bus voltage of the vacuum pump to 400v.

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