Vacuum pump industry

Four Defects in Vacuum Pump Industry

Vacuum pumping is an indispensable and important process before refrigerant filling in refrigeration equipment during production or maintenance. Vacuum pumps play the role of vacuum pumping. Vacuum pump refers to the device or equipment that obtains vacuum by mechanical, physical, chemical or physical chemical methods. Generally speaking, vacuum pump is a device that improves, generates and maintains vacuum in a closed space by various methods. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgical, chemical, food, electronic coating and other industries.

Vacuum pump industry

After decades of development, the vacuum equipment industry in China has made considerable progress. Both output value and output have increased, and considerable achievements have been made in variety, specifications, appearance and comprehensive technical level. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of refrigeration industry has prompted vacuum equipment enterprises to seize the opportunity and adjust the product structure in order to gain new market competition advantages. However, industry insiders said that although there are many kinds of vacuum pumps on the market at present, they are all basic, and there is no breakthrough technology. Then the manufacturers of vacuum pumps should improve from the following aspects.

Low product performance

Although it has undergone many years of development, the old workshop, equipment and technology of vacuum pump still occupy the mainstream. Although the overall technology of vacuum pump industry in China is not backward, the performance of vacuum pump industry is low due to the backward process means, which is not comparable with the products produced by foreign manufacturers. The manufacturing capability and technological means of equipment are the most basic competitiveness of enterprises. China’s vacuum pump manufacturers must improve the original means of manufacturing, enhance the technical content of products, optimize product performance, so that domestic vacuum pump has a certain competitiveness in the market.

R&D level lags behind

In the field of vacuum pump research and development, many domestic enterprises give up because of the high cost of research and development. For the development of new products, it is only the mode of taking orders, designing and producing while walking, which makes the performance of equipment unstable and the process not mature enough, and also brings hidden dangers to the use of customers. Therefore, in the context of the current favorable policy of manufacturing in China, vacuum pump manufacturers in China should seize the opportunity to develop key components and basic components, explore and fix-line technology, create the advantages of original products, and show the charm of realizing domestic vacuum pumps as soon as possible.

There is a shortage of technicians.

Talents are a common problem in the vacuum pump industry and even the whole manufacturing industry in China. Skillful craftsmen with high quality and high technology are extremely scarce. As far as enterprises are concerned, the power of talents is the basis for enterprises to survive for a long time. Market expansion depends on products, and product development must rely on talents. Therefore, attaching importance to the strength of talents can promote the better development of enterprises. However, the current vacuum equipment industry is difficult to absorb talents. It is understood that in the enrollment expansion of College graduates, there is a widespread phenomenon of low comprehensive quality, more than oral, less than practical. The author believes that enterprises can take the way of school-enterprise cooperation and enterprise communication to provide practical opportunities for potential talents in schools in advance, and at the same time to enhance the cooperation and exchange of talents between enterprises.

The management system is backward.

The drawbacks of institutional management are difficult to promote the development of enterprises, and the incentive model is even more difficult to implement in enterprises. Most of the business management modes in China lag far behind those in western developed countries. For example, Kanban management in production organization, PDCA management in product quality and cleanliness management in work site in Japanese vacuum industry enterprises all embody the material and spiritual civilization of modern enterprises and the scientific concept of people-oriented. But in our country, enterprises mostly use the system instead of the legal regulation, and the management link is still lack of fixed and scientific operation.
With the development of refrigeration equipment application, vacuum pump equipment will also receive great attention. Vacuum pump market has broad prospects. Only by eliminating the shortcomings existing in the current industry and improving them, can the market demand be satisfied. In the future, automata and intellectualization will be obvious, and intellectualized vacuum pump will become one of the key points of technological breakthroughs.

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