Vacuum pump system for vacuum adsorption fixture

The vacuum adsorption clamp can clamp the object stably and reliably, and is not easy to damage the surface of the object. Vacuum pressure as a power source, as an important means of mechanical processing, has been widely used in many industries such as electronics, handling machinery, light industry machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, plastic products machinery, packaging machinery, forging machinery, robots, etc. All in all, for any object with smooth surface, especially non-ferrous, non-metallic and unsuitable for clamping, such as thin and smooth surface copper metal products, aluminum metal products and other non-metallic products, vacuum adsorption can be used to complete various machining tasks such as cutting, grinding, polishing, etc.

The original CNC machine tool in the workshop mainly adopts a parallel multi-channel vacuum system with vacuum pump as the vacuum generating device, and the suction port of the vacuum pump directly forms negative pressure.


vacuum system working principle:

The vacuum system is mainly divided according to the vacuum generating device, including vacuum pump system and vacuum generator system.

Vacuum pump is a kind of machinery that forms negative pressure at the suction port, the exhaust port is directly connected to the atmosphere, and the pressure ratio at both ends is very large. Vacuum pump system includes: vacuum supply port PV, pressure supply port PS of vacuum switching valve, pressure supply port PD of destruction valve, pilot exhaust port PE, centralized exhaust port exh, which is vacuum suction port v. After the vacuum supply solenoid valve is powered on, the left end of the pneumatic control reversing valve enters the air, the pneumatic reversing valve works, the vacuum suction port is connected with the PV port, and the workpiece is sucked. When the workpiece is stable and the vacuum degree reaches the pressure set by the vacuum pressure switch, an electrical signal will be sent out for the next process. When the vacuum breaking solenoid valve 1 is powered on (the vacuum supply solenoid valve is powered off at the same time), the compressed air enters the vacuum absorption fixture through the vacuum breaking solenoid valve, vacuum filter and vacuum suction port, quickly eliminating the vacuum and releasing the workpiece.

For the vacuum system, it is the best to install a vacuum adsorption clamp on a branch line of the vacuum pipeline. But now there are 9 CNC machine tools (to be increased in the future) working at the same time in the workshop. In this way, due to the change of the number of vacuum adsorption clamps or leakage of the adsorbed or not adsorbed workpiece, the pressure of the pipeline will change, making the setting value of the vacuum pressure switch difficult to set, especially the situation of small workpiece small orifice suction more affected.

In order to reduce the mutual influence of several vacuum adsorption clamps when absorbing workpieces, vacuum tank and vacuum pressure regulating valve can be added in the circuit to improve the stability of vacuum pressure. At the same time, a vacuum switching valve is installed on each branch, so that when one vacuum adsorption clamp leaks or does not absorb workpieces, the possibility of affecting other vacuum adsorption clamps can be reduced.

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