vacuum pump unit application

Vacuum pump unit is generally named according to the type of main pump. Let’s learn about some common applications of vacuum pump unit and vacuum pump in vacuum system.

Vacuum pump is the best configuration to obtain oil-free vacuum system as the pre pump of molecular pump and small low temperature pump. The main moving parts have only one moving vortex, so the power transmission is simple, the moving radius is small under the same size, the parts are small, the structure is simple and compact, the size of the whole machine is small, the moving and static vortex between the two, the gap between the moving plate and the pump chamber is small, the moving parts in the pump and the pump chamber have no friction, so there is almost no wear, stable operation, low power consumption, air Small flow loss, high reliability, long service life, easy to maintain, low maintenance cost, high volume efficiency. High. Air cooling without water cooling.

The vacuum pump has high compression ratio and stable pumping speed in a wide pressure range. Because the volume change of the compression chamber is continuous, the driving torque change is small, the power change is small, and the vibration noise is low. Type of dry vacuum pump is not available. In order to achieve the effective operation of the vortex pump, the rolling tube must be firmly meshed in each vacuum chamber to avoid the deterioration of the vortex wall force caused by the large pressure difference between the vacuum chambers, thermal deformation and components. Exhaust chamber. High pressure gas retention and reduction of vacuum pump efficiency.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the precise accommodation and engagement between the vortex profiles to control the leakage of the working medium and achieve the purpose of pumping. This is an important basis for the structural design of vacuum pump. In the pumping air flow path, no oil and sealing liquid are needed as the medium, and the movable and static vortex parts rotate relative to form the suction chamber and compression chamber to be discharged by the pumping gas, and the suction, compression and exhaust processes are continuously completed. Therefore, how to prevent leakage and solve the sealing problem is particularly important. The sealing parts of vacuum pump mainly include the radial sealing of axial meshing clearance and the tangential sealing of radial meshing clearance, namely the tooth side sealing.


Vacuum pump unit has been widely used in many fields:

1. Semiconductor industry: film manufacturing equipment, semiconductor device packaging equipment;

2. Scientific instrument industry: synchrotron radiation beam machine, electron microscope, vacuum pump unit auroral test equipment, analysis test equipment;

3. Mechanical equipment industry: material preparation equipment, vacuum detection equipment, vacuum filtration equipment, material purification equipment, ultra-high vacuum exhaust equipment;

4. Medical equipment industry: dental equipment, dialysis machine;

5. Biological products industry: material purification and drug preparation;

6. Packaging industry: food, medicine, biological products and other packaging equipment;

7. Vacuum metallurgy industry: vacuum furnace, nano material preparation equipment, vacuum detection equipment and other fields.

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