Vacuum pump used in automation equipment

In recent years, the application of vacuum technology is more and more extensive. The development of clean, efficient, small and economic vacuum components and systems has promoted the application of vacuum pump technology in automation equipment – vacuum adsorption fixture can stably and reliably adsorb the workpiece, but not easy to damage the surface of the workpiece. Vacuum pressure as a power source, as an important means of mechanical processing, has been widely used in many industries, such as electronic machinery, light industrial machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, plastic products machinery, packaging machinery, robots and household appliances manufacturing. For any object with smooth surface, especially for non-metallic objects which are not suitable for clamping, such as thin soft paper, plastic film, fragile glass and its products, integrated circuit and other micro precision parts, vacuum adsorption can be used to complete all kinds of work.

Large complete set of equipment in automation system, also known as automation device. It refers to the process of automatic operation or control of the machine or device according to the prescribed procedures or instructions without intervention. Therefore, automation is an important condition and significant symbol of modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology.

Vacuum system is a complete set of vacuum system composed of vacuum pump, PLC program control system, air storage tank, vacuum pipeline, vacuum valve, foreign filter assembly, etc. At present, it is widely used in electronic semiconductor industry, photoelectric backlight module, mechanical processing and other industries. The vacuum system has included pumping speed control, air inlet filtration, main operation data display, operation protection and remote control interface. A complete vacuum system can be formed by simply connecting the power supply and pipeline on site. The control system is composed of advanced PLC control system after programming. The touch screen is used as the man-machine interface to realize the automatic control of vacuum system, workpiece walking, magnetic control target, process setting and execution, alarm protection system, etc.

The commonly used vacuum pumps include dry screw vacuum pump, water ring vacuum pump, reciprocating vacuum pump, slide valve pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, roots vacuum pump and diffusion pump. These vacuum pumps are essential main pumps in the application of vacuum technology in various industries of China’s national economy.

vacuum pump structural features:

1. Overall structure of pump

The layout of the vacuum pump determines the overall structure of the pump.

2. Transmission mode of pump

The two rotors of the vacuum pump run synchronously through a pair of high precision gears. The driving shaft is connected with the motor through a coupling.

The application of vacuum pump technology in automation equipment, the composition of vacuum system, the commonly used vacuum pump and the structural characteristics of vacuum pump are introduced. With the development of vacuum application, vacuum technology will play a more and more important role in automatic production in the tide of machine replacing human. The reasonable application of vacuum technology in the design of automation equipment can simplify the mechanical structure, reduce the manufacturing cost, and improve the production efficiency and reliability of the equipment.

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