Vacuum Pump Vacuum Inlet Filters

Vacuum inlet protection filter of advantages

Vacuum Pump Vacuum Inlet Filters

Vacuum pump inlet filter filtration principle:

Condensate filtration. The ultrafine fiber of the filter utilizes the integrated principles of direct interception, surface collision, brown-motion of molecules and electrostatic adsorption to intercept solid particles in the filter layer of the filter element, while condensing small liquid droplets into large ones, separating them from the air by surface tension and gravity, and excluding the system.

Condensate filter and vacuum pump inlet filter have the following remarkable characteristics:

(1) high efficiency filtration

The filter element adopts the customized ultrafine fiber filter layer and agglomerating layer, and the filtration efficiency can reach 99. At 20℃, the filtered air liquid content is less than 5mg/m, which can fully meet the requirements of vacuum pump.

(2) small pressure difference

The working range of vacuum tank of medical negative pressure suction system is -0. 07 mpa to 0. 02 mpa. The vacuum protection filter is installed between the vacuum pump and the vacuum tube, so every 100mbar increase in the pressure difference will consume 20% more energy, the vacuum pump will work 20% more time, the cost of spare parts will increase accordingly, and the service life of the vacuum pump will be reduced by more than 30%. When the pressure difference exceeds 300mbar, the vacuum pump will continue to work and consume more energy.

Microfiber filter element has high void ratio, water repellent characteristics, small pressure difference, long service life.

While ensuring high filtration efficiency, the initial pressure difference of vacuum condensing filter is only 20mbar, and the pressure difference of replacing filter element is 100mbar. However, even the initial pressure difference of the ordinary filter will be more than 100mbar, and the pressure difference will be larger when the liquid content in the air is large.

To sum up, the vacuum pump inlet protection filter is a necessary product for the vacuum pump when there are many impurities in the system. Its filtration efficiency and pressure difference are of vital importance to the operation efficiency of the whole system. The condensate filtration products with high efficiency and low pressure difference can effectively prevent oil emulsification and greatly improve the energy saving level of the system.

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