vacuum pump vacuum thermoforming

vacuum thermoforming is one of the common vacuum pump applications, and it is also a commonly used thermoforming method for the production of plastic packaging containers. It is widely used in the processing and packaging materials industry.

Vacuum plastic forming is generally used for the manufacture of open shell products from thermoplastic sheets. The principle is simply that after the plastic sheet is heated to a certain temperature, it is softened to a viscoelastic state, and then the vacuum is pumped to vacuum the mold. The pressure difference forms a vacuum suction, so that the sheet is deformed and then applied to the contour surface of the mold, and finally cooled and shaped.

The whole set of vacuum blister units generally consists of upper and lower heaters, temperature controllers, receiving plates, pressure boxes, vacuum pumps, vacuum chambers, mold temperature control machines, and cooling devices. The parameters are controlled by computer storage, and the control is simple. When a certain type of product is produced, only the corresponding parameters can be called up.

vacuum thermoforming relies on the vacuum differential to stretch and deform the sheet. At present, the vacuum is easy to realize, master and control, which makes the vacuum plastic molded products have the advantages of low price and high production efficiency, and has been widely used. The form can be divided into three types: moldless molding, punching (male) molding, and die (female molding) molding.

Vacuum moldless molding, that is, after the sheet is heated to the required temperature, it is pressed on the clamping ring, and then vacuumed by a vacuum pump to control the degree of vacuum to achieve the desired molding depth. In this method, the workpiece does not touch any mold surface, and the surface of the workpiece has high gloss without any flaws, but the molding process can only change the stretching degree and the outer shape of the workpiece, and cannot form a complicated shape. Pieces.

The male mold (male mold) is formed with the female mold (female mold), and the difference is the difference between the molding material and the contact surface of the molding mold. The products formed by them form a higher quality on the side of the cavity wall, and the structure is also relatively clear and meticulous, but the punch molding is advantageous for the manufacture of products having a large wall thickness and depth, and the die is not suitable for the production depth. Large products. At the same time, both internal and external dimensional accuracy and product thickness have their own characteristics. Punch molding, the inner dimensions of the product are accurate, the largest part of the wall thickness is at the top of the punch, and the thinnest part is at the boundary between the side of the punch and the bottom surface; the die is formed, the outer dimensions of the product are accurate, and the largest part of the wall thickness is in the mold. At the bottom of the cavity, the thinnest part is at the junction of the side and the bottom of the cavity, and as the depth of the cavity increases, the wall at the corner of the bottom of the article becomes thinner.

vacuum pump vacuum thermoforming

SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Model Pump speed(m3/h) Motor Power(KW) Inlet Diam (inch) Rotary speed(rpm) Oil Capacity(L) G.W(kg) NoisedB (A) Dimensions(mm)
50HZ 60HZ
SV-010 10 12 0.37 (3ph)0.55 (1ph) G1/2 1400 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-020 20 24 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 20 64 405*253*210
SV-025 25 30 0.75 (3ph)0.90 (1ph) G1/2 2800 0.5 22 64 405*253*210
SV-040 40 48 1.5 (3ph)2.2 (1ph) G11/4 1400 1.0 50 67 660*300*270
SV-063 63 75 2.2 G11/4 1400 2.0 83 68 695*420*295
SV-100 100 120 3.0 G11/4 1400 2.0 87 72 735*420*295
SV-160 160 192 4.0 G2 1400 4.5 152 74 805*520*410
SV-200 200 240 5.5 G2 1400 4.5 159 76 825*520*410
SV-250 250 300 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 230 76 1000*550*410
SV-300 300 360 7.5 G2 1400 7.0 236 76 1200*550*410
SV-630 630 750 15.0 DN100 960 35 620 75 1630*1300*980
SV-750 750 900 18.5 DN100 1150 35 640 76 1630*1300*980
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