Vacuum pumps for beekeeping

The pulp-producing frame or table-base strip shall be covered with disinfection wet towel and sent to the sterilized room. The high part of table-base shall be cut off with the sharp knife sterilized by alcohol first. Then, the larvae shall be removed by the bamboo or stainless steel needle clip, and the royal jelly shall be dug into the plastic bottle with no.2 oil brush or the horn or bamboo shovel. In order to improve the efficiency of royal pulp extraction and improve the sanitary conditions in the process of royal pulp extraction, a pulp-absorber can be used to absorb royal pulp.

The royal jelly suction apparatus is a kind of apparatus which draws royal jelly from the base by the negative pressure produced by the air suction device, also known as royal jelly suction apparatus. It by extraction device, negative pressure bottle (some paste it omitted) absorption, circulating, suction pulp spherical head, pressure rubber pipe and tube, etc. Depend on the negative pressure suction device, circulating, the air inside the glass tube, rubber tube draining unceasingly, form a negative pressure system, the suction slurry head can absorb the stylobate royal jelly into circulating in the bottle.

Electric vacuum pump pulper adopts small electric vacuum pump (suction rate is. More than 0.5 l/s) as the pump structure, high vacuum degree, high pumping rate, high working efficiency. But you need a place with electricity to use it.

Vacuum pumps for beekeeping

Rotary vane vacuum pump of pressure

Rotary vane vacuum pump rotary vane oil seal mechanical pump (hereinafter referred to as rotary vane pump) is a variable volume gas transmission vacuum pump, which is one of the most basic vacuum acquisition equipment in vacuum technology. General multistage pump, can obtain higher vacuum degree. With the increase of the number of applications and the expansion of the application field, it is more urgent to reduce the volume of the pump, reduce the weight of the pump, reduce the power consumption, reduce the noise of the pump, and prevent the fuel injection of the pump. Increasing the speed of the pump is an important way to improve the performance of the pump. It can be used alone or as the front stage pump of other high vacuum pumps to remove the dry gas in the sealed container. If there is a gas ballast device, it can also extract a certain amount of condensable gas, which is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum and medicine and other fields. However, rotary vane pump is not suitable for removing gas with high oxygen content, explosive, corrosive to metal, chemical reaction with pump oil and dust. Rotary vane pump for small and medium-sized pumps, there are single-stage and two-stage. High speed direct coupled pump has gradually developed from small pump to medium pump.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

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