Vacuum Pumps Overview

The quantity of vacuum pump products is huge, the demand is large and the output is not high, but it is an indispensable basic product that directly affects the function and quality of vacuum equipment. The market of vacuum pump changes according to the needs of users. The rapid development of semiconductor industry and the expansion of dry pump and molecular pump applications are the main driving forces for market growth. Next EVP vacuum pump for you to introduce several commonly used models.

At present, it is widely used in industrial liquid ring vacuum pump and rotary vane vacuum pump.

Liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid ring vacuum pump is mainly used for coarse vacuum. A lot of process waste gas. It is mainly used for pumping air and other non corrosive, insoluble in water, solid particles contain a small amount of gas, forming a vacuum in a sealed container. The absorbed gas is mixed with liquid in a small amount. It is widely used in machinery, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and other industries.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

With the increasing demand of vacuum technology in various application fields, the direct vane pump is increasing day by day. Because the number of such pumps, processing and installation is very large and the price is very low, some foreign vacuum manufacturers in China set up factories.

Roots vacuum pump

Because this kind of pump contains a gas cooler under the exhaust port, part of which is cooled by the air in the pump cavity of the pipeline to cool the operation of the rotor, so as to balance the heat of the refrigerator, so this kind of pump can be directly connected to the atmosphere. In order to satisfy the different requirements of the extreme vacuum pump series, which can be used, the air embedded roots vacuum pump is generally added, and the extreme vacuum degree of the front stage pump should reach a high level ratio. Because there is no working medium in the pump room, this kind of pump is actually attributed to the dry pump.

Molecular pump

In many foreign semiconductor technology occasions, field molecular pump replaces low temperature pump, especially sputtering, etching and stacking equipment selects composite molecular pump and traction pump as the main pump.

Because the pumping speed and diameter of the molecular pump for water vapor are only a quarter of the pumping speed of the low-temperature pump, the exhaust time of the molecular pump is longer than that of the low-temperature pump. In order to improve the pumping speed, a 130 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ low-temperature cooling plate is installed at the inlet side of the molecular pump in foreign countries, which is called low-temperature molecular pump. The low-temperature plate gas and other gas molecules are extracted. The application of the low temperature molecular pump in the vacuum coating equipment not only improves the production power, but also improves the coating quality.

Vacuum Pumps Overview

Vacuum Pumps Overview

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