Vacuum screw pump

What affects the quality of vacuum screw pump

At present because of the requirements of environmental protection vacuum screw pump is springing up everywhere, roughly divided into a number of large origin. How to choose among many famous brands is a focus. Everyone will try to say that their products are a little bit, make the customer not clear which is more appropriate. I think there are many factors that determine the quality and service life of vacuum screw pump:

Vacuum screw pump

1, raw materials, because the gap of the screw vacuum pump is not big, in the whole process of operation when the hot screw and the pump shell will be thermal deformation, when the pitch to the necessary level is very easy to get stuck, this requires the raw materials must be very stable and have excellent physical properties. This is a bit better than people in America, Korea and Japan.
2, production processing precision, production processing precision is very important for the application of the pump.
3, coating technology, the current domestic and most of the Korean and Japanese coating, coating technology is very important.
4, screw wire, wire exhaust pipe temperature, electrical flow often quite big harm.
5. After-sales maintenance service. After-sales maintenance service is extremely harmful to the service life of the pump.

Quality and price of the vacuum pump has strong ability of competition, can replace imports large category, sales market demand is big, will be in chemical plant, metallurgical industry, electronics, petroleum, aerospace, special tools, papermaking industry, packaging, food, pharmaceutical, medical machinery, and information engineering, biological technology, electron optics and other fields instead of present science and technology content is low vacuum equipment.

Vacuum screw pump low carbon environmental protection

The overall plan of environmental protection clearly puts forward that in the future, the development trend mode should be generated to produce an energy-saving society, green manufacturing and safety culture.

1. Vacuum screw pump series of products, vane vacuum pump, is this kind of imported vacuum pump for mechanical equipment that can run without all the oil for embellishment. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance and not easy environmental pollution. The two series of products vacuum screw pump durability is good, vacuum packaging, shrink, double use imported vacuum pump, is the use of this category is very common vacuum pump basic machinery equipment.
2. Its principle is the same as the normal capacity pump, which is composed of the motor stator, motor rotor, rotary disc, engine block, motor and other key parts. Contains rotary vane motor rotor, axial force to install in the tub, when high speed motor rotor, motor rotor tub four axial drag rotary vane pump chamber is separated into four personal studio, because the centripetal force effect, rotary vane against the cylinder wall, to separate the motor stator into the row of inward and outward, run cycle, to carry out the transfiguration, will be sucked into vapour, come out from the outlet line, then more than vacuum purpose.
3. Try and dry mechanical equipment import vacuum pumps (also known as dry mechanical pump test) is refers to pump can from atmospheric pressure under the bubble began pumping air into vacuum state, and can be immediately extraction in the air, pump cavity without grease or other substances in the work, and the limit of the pump with pressure and the skeleton sealed import vacuum pumps of the same order of magnitude, or close to the mechanical equipment import vacuum pumps. For the general oil-free ultrafiltration device, although the skeleton sealed imported vacuum pump with a cold trap or suction trap can be used to avoid reflux, it can not completely eliminate the problem and make the system software seem complicated.
4. The application of a moderate form of dry test mechanical equipment imported vacuum pump, can exceed the actual effect of ideal application, together with very small noise, has a very good environmental protection effect. As for the prediction and analysis of the vacuum pump imported by bayway, thanks to the relative preferential policies of the government and the increasing green environmental protection concept of people from all walks of life, the vacuum screw pump may become the “sweet potato” in the future sales market of the imported vacuum pump.
Therefore, the import vacuum pump manufacturing companies should increase the scientific research capital investment on the improvement of vacuum screw pump product research and development, and promote the industrial development and product upgrading of vacuum screw pump by relying on various policy supports from government departments. To promote the integration of scientific research and manufacturing of dry and trial dry vacuum pump and accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in the application of new technologies.

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