vacuum system in lifting equipment

The vacuum system for lifting equipment is especially suitable for handling workpieces such as coiled materials, boxes, wood or porous boards, and can also be used in a variety of special environments, such as outdoor handling of glass workpieces. Today, it mainly introduces the application of vacuum system in lifting equipment, the specific use and the characteristics of vacuum system.

In general, lifting equipment uses a vacuum system to assist manual lifting operations, freeing individuals from heavy loads. When starting the lifting equipment, the use of vacuum system can not only protect the health of the workpiece and workers from damage, but also speed up the process, so as to improve the productivity.

The vacuum system can make the manual operation in the production process more convenient. The vacuum lifting system can liberate the operator from the work-piece loading operation. Through the use of these vacuum equipment, the designed process can be more efficient and ergonomic, and the operator can be avoided from damage caused by long-term handling.

vacuum system product characteristics:

1. High vacuum, stable performance and long service life

2. Flow: 4-1300m3 / HR (single pump)

3. Vacuum application range: 0.5-500mbar (absolute pressure)

4. No access to water

5. Compact structure, less floor space

6. Simple operation, convenient maintenance and low noise

7. It can realize PLC joint control of multiple units

8. GDMS system can be connected

9. Comply with European standards

Typical applications of vacuum spreader lifting systems: handling very heavy steel plates to load CNC machining centers, transportation of glass panels and windows indoors and outdoors, and loading boards into sawmills.

The vacuum handling equipment is generally used to transport heavy steel plates and load them to CNC machining centers. It can also be used to transport 60m long rotor blades. The vacuum system for lifting equipment is not only ergonomic, but also safe and reliable. When power is cut off, it will send out sound and light alarm signal. In addition, the large vacuum accumulator can improve the reliability of the equipment. The lifting equipment can easily rotate the workpiece from the horizontal position to the vertical position, and it can also rotate the workpiece by 180 degrees.

The vacuum lifting system is an ideal lifting equipment for handling several tons of heavy workpieces, and the holding process is realized by the lifting equipment. The application of vacuum system in lifting equipment makes the lifting and moving of heavy objects safe and reliable. The lifting equipment can rotate the workpiece from the horizontal position to the vertical position, or vice versa. The modular design of basic lifting equipment can adjust the vacuum lifting system to meet the needs of customers. In addition, our company has designed special vacuum lifting solutions for handling outdoor glass, coiled materials or porous boards.

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